JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 GOLD WINNER: Best Travel Product (For Children)

WHO: Stuffel Mini


WHAT: A robust travel-sized drawstring bag, perfect for stowing multiple toys, which opens out into a handy play mat.

WHY: Our judges felt that this was a brilliant solution for kids who want easy access to a selection of toys on a journey or holiday, while giving parents the peace of mind that they won’t be leaving a trail of toys in every port! Our judges thought these bags were just big enough to store a good, varied selection of toys without being too bulky for a trip and loved the fact that they spread out to create a built-in play mat. That toys can quickly be scooped up again with a tug of the drawstring was a huge hit. The panel agreed that this was a great way of providing kids with excitement and stimulation while travelling without having to rely on screens to keep them entertained on a journey.

Love this brand! I have several of these bags full of my sons Lego. Top marks!
Abi Campbell, Children’s Photographer @abicampbellphotography
Nice that they have a travel version now.
Bonnie Van Geel, Photographer and Stylist
Perfect for families on the move! Love the strong, high quality finish of these bags that can be used time and time again.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
We have so many of these at home and I genuinely think they're a must-have item for when you have kids and want to store all of their bits and pieces. Perfect for segmenting their toys, with an easy pull that means they can open and close it themselves when their curiosity dictates it. I also love filling it with a selection of toys as we're running out of the door as a perfect grab-and-go play bag.
Gemma Metcalfe, founder of Mutha. Hood @mutha.hood
Soooo useful for trips or even from room to room.
Yvadney Davis, Children’s Stylist @yvadney

WHERE: Stuffel

queit book

JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 SILVER WINNER: Best Travel Product (For Children)

WHO: Curious Columbus - When I Grow Up Fabric Quiet Book

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WHAT: An interactive 10-page Fabric book with multiple activities.

WHY: So many of our judges were drawn to this tactile sensory book, which provides children with an array of absorbing, interactive activities. The judges felt the beautifully stitched characters and shapes with lots of opening and closing pocket flaps and moveable features would really excite young children who love to explore with their fingers. The panel agreed that this book was a great option for parents who want to find a way of taking the emphasis off screen time and placing it on imagination and the development of fine motor skills.

This is such a great idea and is something children will return to again and again.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Super cute!
Abi Campbell, Children’s Photographer @abicampbellphotography
The most perfect quiet book that I guarantee you will bring hours of curiosity and encourage motor skills and questions from your little ones. A perfect item to have in the buggy to entertain them whilst you're out and about. I absolutely love this.
Gemma Metcalfe, founder of Mutha. Hood @mutha.hood
Amazing book. So much to do!
Georgia Jones, Presenter, Model and founder of @thegeorgiaedit

WHERE: Curious Columbus Kids

busy bots

JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 BRONZE WINNER: Best Travel Product (For Children)

WHO: My Busy Bots - Fun Folders

WHAT: Brightly coloured, zippable folders containing an array of drawing equipment and activities. Designed for 3 age ranges, 3+, 5+ & 7+. Perfect to use on laps or small plane trays.

WHY: These bright and colourful travel folders were created when the My Busy Bots founder was searching for a "kids conference folder" for her children to use on long haul flights and came up with nothing. Our judges felt a real gap in the market had been identified and loved the fact that these exciting looking folders give kids not only a range of activities to absorb them during a journey but also a lovely sense of independence and pride in their very own travel accessory. The panel felt these kits were bright, fun, well made and cleverly put together and that they would definitely keep children entertained on the go and provide a good alternative to screen time. The choice of different coloured zips so that children can pick theirs out from their friends' or siblings' was also appreciated.

These are such fantastic folders of fun and they definitely help add to the excitement of travel.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
The product that everyone needs when they have kids and want to head out - perfect for trips to cafes, weekends away, or journeys. Bright, colourful, and fun, these activities will keep them occupied and engaged. And I love how it all packs away together and the pride the little ones feel carrying their very own fun folder. A win win!
Gemma Metcalfe, founder of Mutha. Hood @mutha.hood

WHERE: My Busy Bots