Winner of Best Toy Design 6yrs+ | Junior Design Awards 2023


Best Toy Design 6 + years: GOLD

WHO: Plum Play


WHAT: Plum Water Jet Springsafe Trampoline and Enclosure

WHY: A trampoline that not only has excellent bounce - we tested it thoroughly - but has the thrilling option of squirting kids with water as they bounce! Perfect for a hot day when trampolining can get very hot and sweaty! Our judges thought this was a well-made trampoline with great safety features, including a non-slip surface and protected springs, that would work well all year round and then come into its own in the warmer months.

This would be heaven for kids bouncing around in their swimming costumes. I’m pretty sure the adults might like a cool down at the end of the day too!
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Our Plum Play trampoline gets so much love and comes into its own in the Summer months, often being converted into a den and being used for sleepovers. This addition of water jets takes it to another level! The kids would love it!
Eleonore Crompton, Deputy Editor of Junior

WHERE: Plum Play

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Best Toy Design 6 + years: SILVER


WHAT: HUE Animation Studio

WHY: There was much poring over this extremely cool-looking camera, which allows kids to create amazing stop-motion movies, setting them on the path to becoming little Greta Gerwigs and Steven Spielbergs! The JDA panel liked the fun and approachable look of this gadget and thought it was well-supported by the HUE book of Animation, allowing children from seven years up to get hands-on with film. The judges agreed that this would make a great gift combining tech with imagination and skills such as set-building, script writing and more.

Ironically, this gadget is a great way of distracting kids from sedentary screen time by getting them to create their own highly creative content! A fab gift idea for any kids who want an easy way to get to grips with making their own films.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Hours of fun to be had with this fab piece of tech that gives kids a real understanding of stop-motion film while looking super cool on any desk. I like the way the camera itself looks as though it might come alive at any moment!
Eleonore Crompton, Deputy Editor, Junior



Best Toy Design 6 + years: BRONZE

WHO: Very Puzzled

WHAT: England map jigsaw puzzle

WHY: First of all, congratulations on a great name! Our judges loved the concept behind this puzzle brand, which gives children a richer understanding of different countries. This puzzle puts England on the map, showing children all the different regions, landmarks, and significant people who live and lived there. Hand-drawn illustrations and bright colours really bring this puzzle to life and the panel was sure that the 1000 pieces and fascinating facts would make this a puzzle that kids would really get stuck into. Great for downtime in schools and for families to bond over as an alternative to screen time.

A wonderful way for any child to explore the country they live in or even a country that they might be visiting. This map really brings England to life and adds layers of understanding and excitement to learning about the culture and history of this island.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
A bright and colourful puzzle that really brings England to life in an exciting, multi-faceted way.
Eleonore Crompton, Deputy Editor, Junior

WHERE: Very Puzzled