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Best Subscription Box | Junior Design Awards 2020

We're big fans of subscription boxes for children and these are the winning ones in this year's Junior Design Awards

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WHO: Not Just Nibbles Gift Subscription Box

WHAT: Healthy, allergen-free, planet-friendly, plant-based cooking kits that take children on a monthly food focused tour of the world. Each month we visit a new country in search of different flavours and cultures to spark their curiosity about the world. With all of the dry ingredients included and a beautifully illustrated recipe card, plus stickers, badges, booklets and hours of extra food fun, they have everything they need to start their culinary journey.

WHY: The fun, educational aspect of this subscription service really appealed to our judges who felt this monthly treat would not only help kids develop a positive and healthy relationship with food but would give the opportunity for a lovely screen-free activity that they could be enjoyed with just one adult or with all the family. The panel loved the specially created food characters who carry badges explaining all their nutritional benefits and felt the overall presentation was fun, upbeat and exciting.

Such a brilliantly executed idea and fun for the whole family.
Carly Stevens, stylist an founder of Style & Substance Blog @carlyjstevens
I quite like the idea of this for me! Great design to keep kids engaged. Ideal way to spend quality time with older children.
Sam Dean, Beauty Journalist and Brand Copywriter
Brilliant concept - incredible attention to detail and a truly fun way for kids (and adults!) to learn about ingredients, cooking and nutrition. I’d definitely get this for my 6 year old and the one off boxes would make great gifts. Also really good to see a small business that gives back - something more and more consumers are looking for now when they spend their money. This is a truly unique cooking subscription that goes one step further really emphasising the building blocks of good nutrition.
Sarah-Jane Mee, SKY TV Presenter and Host
Love this! It combines nutrition with geography and has so many elements. Who can resist the special brown package of magic spinach seeds to plant and watch grow?
Susie Boone, Editorial Director for Parenting at Immediate Media Co.

WHERE: Not Just Nibbles


WHO: Little Cooks Co

WHAT: A monthly box of ingredients with step by step baking instructions and extra activities through your letterbox

WHY: This is the subscription box for kids who love to bake! A letterbox size box arrives through your door every month full of the dry ingredients necessary to bake a delicious refined sugar free treat. Our judges loved the, nutritionist designed recipes, easy to read instructions, clear labelling and the good quality organic ingredients that come in these kits. The eco-friendly aspect packaging – all boxes are recyclable and the packaging is compostable – was highly praised and the fact that for every recipe box sold, Little Cooks pays for a vulnerable school child in the UK to receive a healthy breakfast through their partnership with the charity Magic Breakfast also impressed the panel greatly.

Love the concept!
Alex Steadman, Influenceer and founder of @thefrugality
What a lovely idea and a great activity for the whole family to enjoy too.
Carly Stevens, stylist an founder of Style & Substance Blog @carlyjstevens
A really great way to encourage children to learn about, make and enjoy food. This activity is not just educational but encourages bonding with mum/dad as a shared activity. It fits through the letter box which is one less delivery to worry about being left in the bin shed!In the current climate it’s great to see a brand for little people helping to look after other more vulnerable little people. It is a wonderful gesture that more and more parents are looking for when they spend their money.
Sarah-Jane Mee, SKY TV Presenter and Host
Love the educational element - this is as much about teaching children about food production, the environment and nutrition as how to cook.
Susie Boone, Editorial Director for Parenting at Immediate Media Co.

WHERE: Little Cooks Co.


WHO: Toy Box Club

WHAT: A toy subscription service for pre-schoolers, delivering a selection of age appropriate toys and books to your home every month. Each month the previous delivery is collected and replaced by a new set of toys

WHY: Our judges loved the idea of this eco-friendly, clutter-busting approach to giving your children an ever-changing array of toys to play with. More play, less waste is this company’s ethos and their subscription service makes it really easy to reduce the amount of toys you buy, that children will inevitably grow out of or tire of. Our judges were excited by the idea of a never ending-supply of age appropriate toys to keep kids interested and like the fact that if a child really became attached to a particular toy, parents could have the option of buying it.

The majority of parents always complain about the outrageous number of toys their children have...and often don’t play with. By putting the emphasis on quality and not quantity it allows a child to really PLAY with what they have and keeps clutter to a minimum for parents.A new batch at regular intervals keeps things fresh and it’s comforting to know the toys will be used and loved again and again. A good price point for the amount of toys included.
Sarah-Jane Mee, SKY TV Presenter and Host
So many amazing toys each month - from fascinating brands - these are well thought out toys brought together. Impressed by their commitment to their members, setting up safety procedures to reassure parents about shared toys. Love the fact that the first rule of Toy Box Club is to talk about Toy Box Club.
Susie Boone, Editorial Director for Parenting at Immediate Media Co. Fashion

WHERE: Toy Box Club


WHO: Parrot Street Book Club

WHAT: These subscription boxes are designed to supercharge a love of reading with an exciting monthly delivery for 5 to 11 -year-olds. Each letterbox-friendly parcel contains a brilliant chapter book to keep, plus a fun-filled activity pack inspired by that month’s book. A children’s book subscription with a twist. With carefully handpick books that you may not easily discover for yourself and including a range of activities that the whole family can enjoy. What better way to keep the digital distractions at bay?

WHY: Our judges loved the idea of what is essentially a book club for children through your letterbox. The brand was praised for encouraging kids to get excited about reading and introducing them to a diverse selection of gender neutral books that they might not normally have discovered. The added bonus of a related activity pack filled with exciting and educational content to encourage subscribers to think and talk about the books they’ve read also impressed the judges. The panel also noted that for every subscription box shipped, the company make a donation to Coram Beanstalk, a fantastic literacy charity that provides one-to-one support in schools to children who have fallen behind with their reading. Brilliant work!

What a fantastic concept.
Alex Steadman, Founder of @thefrugality
A brilliant way to encourage kids to read. My six year old would love this.
Sam Dean, Beauty Journalist and Brand Copywriter
Clear and well designed activity packs. I particularly like the fact that children have the opportunity to have their book reviews published on the Parrot St website - it gives children a good reward for their engagement. It’s great to see a book club that focuses on engaging children in a wide range of books, authors and genres. It’s a clever idea to make the subscription gender neutral to ensure kids get to discover more content without preconceived ideas.
Sarah-Jane Mee, SKY TV Presenter and Host

WHERE:  Parrot Street