Best Subscription Box | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Whirli


WHAT: A subscription children's toy service that gives access to a huge shareable toy box for a fixed monthly price from just £9.99 per month. Parents pick the toys they want, which are then delivered and then they send them back when they are finished with in exchange for something else. Children get to play with a huge variety of toys but if they do fall in love with something it can be bought. Parents can rest easy that they’re getting more for their money, reducing clutter and being more environmentally responsible.

WHY: How many times have you bought a toy for your child, which is loved and adored for a week, only to fall out of favour the next? Not only does this subscription service guarantee a steady stream of new toys that will keep kids stimulated and excited but it also cuts down on the very real threat of a toy avalanche as well as landfill guilt. Our judges were super impressed with this eco-toy entry and said:

What a great idea. I used to take my kids to a toy library in Tooting that did this. Bravo for trying to make a positive change and save our environment.
Abi Campbell, children’s fashion photographer
Amazing idea.
Caroline Rowland, founder of interiors magazine 91
Wow wow wow. Genius idea.
Clemmie Telford, influencer, podcaster and founder of Mother of all Lists
Good birthday present idea.
Gemma Breger and Samantha Silver founders of This is Mothership

WHERE: Whirli

Best Subscription Box | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: LoLA Boxes

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WHAT: LoLA, otherwise known as Lots of Lovely Art, is an educational art box for children of all ages. In each LoLA box, children learn about art history and art techniques through projects inspired by individual artists. Every month a new art theme includes clear, simple instructions to start children off, and give them the confidence to be independently creative. Each box also contains process based art ideas to stimulate the imagination. LoLA also suggests trips and recommended books relating to the featured artists.

WHY: Founded by Alara and Selina who are passionate about the arts and were increasingly worried about the sad decline of art education in schools, these boxes were conceived to fill that gap and give children who love art something a lot more exciting and challenging to get stuck into than the usual home based activities. Our judges were in full agreement that process-based, artist-inspired experiences are an important way for children to develop problem-solving skills, analytical thinking and self-confidence and loved the concept of these boxes.

How gorgeous. I think my 12 year old daughter would really like this!
Abi Campbell, Top Children's Photographer
These sets are fantastic and I really like the way education is made fun here.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
I was an art fanatic as a kid and I would have absolutely loved this - definitely on the list for my two daughters who also love nothing more than to draw and paint.
Ellie Crompton, founder of The Mumday Times and Contributing Editor at Junior

WHERE: Lots of Lovely Art

Best Subscription Box | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Foodini Club

WHAT: A subscription service for kids who love to cook, featuring a new making & baking experience every month. Each pack includes two seasonal healthy recipes (1 sweet & 1 savoury), easy to follow instructions, shopping lists, pre-measured dry ingredients (allergy conscious ingredients possible) in biodegredable pouches, a craft activity and more. 1, 3, 6 & 12 month subscriptions are available.

WHY: Anyone who has mini chefs in the family or perhaps even more crucially, kids that they would like to encourage to be more adventurous in the kitchen, will love this monthly delivery of exciting recipes. Our judges loved the fun presentation, the varied selection of recipes and the whole concept of encouraging independence, nurturing cooking skills, encouraging exploration, learning about food and its health benefits as well as the delicious end result and the opportunity to share something as a family. Our judges wrote in their notes:

So cool. Fab branding too : )
Abi Campbell, children’s fashion photographer
We love them! Tried them, everything is so easy to follow and soooo creative!!!
Aly, founder of allmumstalk
My daughter would love this!
Caroline Rowland, founder of interior’s magazine, 91

WHERE: Foodini Club