WHO: Beyond Nine

WHAT: Maternity Wear for pregnancy and beyond

WHY: Our judges were super impressed with this new brand and felt that it really filled a gap in the market for good quality, genuinely cool and relaxed maternity wear that you would want to continue wearing long after your pregnancy. The utility style, cotton jumpsuits were particularly popular as were the looser fitting jersey versions that make breastfeeding super easy. The use of super wearable neutrals with pops of colour and on trend prints, make this a collection that really does go way beyond nine months and plenty of our judges said they would love to incorporate these pieces into their day to day wardrobes.

I can totally see the Shoreditch mummies in these preggy clothes. Really fab. Simple, elegant and cool.
Abi Campbell, children’s fashion photographer and brand consultant, @abigcampbellphotography
The coolest brand. I want a jumpsuit now even though I'm coming to end of my breastfeeding journey and not planning any more pregnancies!
Charlotte Kewley, children’s stylist, @thelittlestylist
Love this brand.
Charlotte Love, artist, stylist and photographer, @charlottelovely
I really love this brand. Gorgeous designs and fabrics. Loved the green check linen jumpsuit. Eco fabrics and made in London ticks even more boxes. Fab!
Emma Donnelly, photographer and art director, @takeapicturelady
I really loved this collection. The khaki jumpsuit felt so current and I loved that you can change the size as your body changes. This collection definitely has a reach beyond maternity and is designed by women for women.
Jemima Bradley, stylist and art director, @jemima_bradley__art_direction

WHERE: Beyond Nine


WHO: Bump & Milk

WHAT: Stylish pregnancy and breast feeding clothing

WHY: Our panel agreed that this maternity brand had succeeded in creating a collection of beautiful clothing that women would truly love to wear pregnant or not. Bump and Milk is aimed at fashion conscious women who don’t want to compromise on style while they’re pregnant or breast feeding and do want to feel reassured that all the practical details that make life comfortable and stress-free when you’re growing a bump or feeding a baby have been finessed. The judges felt that these clothes would long outlive pregnancy and breastfeeding and they loved the different styles to suit all tastes, from vintage lover to chic minimalist.

A beautifully designed collection that delivers chic and stylish maternity clothes to feel special in.
Bonita Turner, Editor of JUNIOR
I’m not going to lie. I’m going to go out and buy some of these clothes for myself and I’m not even pregnant. Just a food baby. Gorgeous fabrics and colours - would be cool to do a few mini me pieces for the siblings!
Abi Campbell, children’s fashion photographer and brand consultant, @abigcampbellphotography
I've been following this brand and love where they are going. I can see improvements in every collection... the pieces at the Junior Awards were beautiful. Especially loved the pink jumpsuit!
Charlotte Kewley, children’s stylist, @thelittlestylist
Absolutely adore these designs! The fabric, colours and style are perfect. Being pregnant or a new mum can feel like an isolating time, so making sure you feel confident in great garms is the way forward. Love this brand !!!
Portia Freeman, Model, Mixologist and Presenter, @portiaportiaaaa

WHERE: Bump & Milk


WHO: Natal Active

WHAT: Stylish Inclusive Activewear for mums

WHY: Keeping fit and active during pregnancy is incredibly important for so many women, so having a dedicated fitness brand that really works hard to support your growing bump and ensure maximum comfort is such a great idea. Our panel agreed that Natal Active had created a collection that really did make pregnant, breastfeeding and post-natal mums feel nurtured, supported and empowered. Thoughtful features like non-irritating low rise seams, ultra supportive stretch leggings and bra strap extenders enabling you to adjust your bra top as you grow were much applauded. The judges were also excited to learn about Natal Active’s pre-loved reselling scheme that prolongs the life of their clothing and raises vital funds for domestic violence charity, Women’s Aid.

The perfect brightly coloured activewear to get you in the mood for exercise and keep you comfy and supported throughout your pregnancy journey and beyond.
Bonita Turner, Editor of JUNIOR
Great quality fabrics!
Abi Campbell, children’s fashion photographer and brand consultant @abigcampbellphotography
A great brand with some fab styles.
Charlotte Kewley, children’s stylist, @thelittlestylist
So much thought and care has gone into this range and I love the support for the pregnant community with the Kicks Count reminder label in their leggings and the CoppaFeel message in their bras.
Eleonore Crompton, Deputy Editor, JUNIOR

WHERE: Natal Active and John Lewis


WHO: Bon + Bear

WHAT: Chicago Loop Breastfeeding Cover

WHY: These simple but incredibly effective breast feeding covers were super popular with our judges who loved the fresh leopard print patterns and the fact that these wraps aren’t overly voluminous, making them easy to put on and covering up just enough, rather than looking like a huge blanket. The brand founder’s mission to simply help make breastfeeding a more comfortable and stress free experience, really resonated with many of our parent judges who felt that this was a great way to feed, knowing that the wrap will stay securely put, so that you can use your other hand to do important things like drink, eat or have a little scroll.

WHERE: Bon + Bear