JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 PLATINUM WINNER: Best Interiors Product Design (Accessory)

WHO: Thicket & Thimble


WHAT: Decorative and intricately finished limited edition Heirloom dolls designed and hand crafted in England by Rose Brookes as well as a selection of soft furnishings, including garlands, mobiles and Christmas stockings.

WHY: Our judges were enchanted by these exquisitely sewn and dressed woodland creatures who make the perfect heirloom gift. The attention to detail is second to none - even the dustbags and limited edition tags adding to the sense of excitement and magic. Extra credit was awarded for the brand’s dedication to being completely plastic free.

A girls dream!! Just beautiful!
Bonnie Van Geel, Photographer and Stylist
Just the most charming pieces. So thoughtful, creative and pretty. Charlotte Kewley
Charlotte Kewely, Children’s Stylist and Blogger @thelittlestylist
Breathtaking, just utterly breathtaking. Heirloom artistry that will pass from generation. I cannot describe the quality, and craftsmanship of this brand. Pieces that will be treasured for decades.
Gemma Metcalfe, founder of Mutha. Hood @mutha.hood

WHERE: Thicket & Thimble


JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 GOLD WINNER: Best Interiors Product Design (Accessory)

WHO: No Fred - Wall Bug Hanging Peg

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WHAT: A wooden multi-pronged, sculptural coat peg that looks like a creepy crawly and puts the fun into functional. Designed by Nowegian design studio Anderssen & Voll for Nofred.

WHY: This sculptural and playful design was a huge hit with all our judges who loved the sleek design paired with a humorous touch. We could well imagine this hook sitting in any room of the house and being great for stimulating the imagination and encouraging kids to hang up their things! A fantastic design.

Many hooks make light work! Cute & playful & of course practical. Really nice base fixtures.
Adam Garcia, Film and Stage Actor and Performer
Right I'm getting them for both of my children's bedrooms...
Charlotte Kewely, Children’s Stylist and Blogger @thelittlestylist
I need this in my life asap. Families need storage and place for everything to go. What a stylish and practical design.
Yvadney Davis, Children’s Stylst @yvadney

WHERE: No Fred


JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 SILVER WINNER: Best Interiors Product Design (Accessory)

WHO: Shnuggle Moonlight

WHAT: A tactile portable nightlight/lantern with dual parent and child modes, a room temperature sensing dock and a contemporary minimal design aesthetic. Perfect from newborn up.

WHY: This smooth, soft, egg-like lantern caused quite a stir with several of our judges who really liked the practical and useful elements of this night light teamed with its sleek design. Three brightness levels, a temperature sensing dock and the added bonus of portability scored highly and this was deemed a super useful as well as visually pleasing piece of kit.

Attractive & ergonomic. Well thought out & super practical. The portability and charging range is ideal & safe. Great travel size.
Adam Garcia, Actor
This is such a clever idea - every home needs one!
Carly Stevens, Fashion Stylist and Lifestyle Blogger @carlyjstevens
I feel like I've been searching for this light for the last 6 years. Genius. And a great price point. Orders immediately…
Charlotte Kewely, Children’s Stylist and Blogger @thelittlestylist

WHERE: Shnuggle


JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 BRONZE WINNER: Best Interiors Product Design (Accessory)

WHO: Family Rule Height Chart

WHAT: A hand painted, heirloom wooden ruler height chart designed to look like an old school ruler with both imperial and metric measurements. Perfect for families who want to take their height charts with them from home to home.

WHY: A brilliant idea for families who want to record their children’s height on something a little more auspicious than a door post and with the added bonus that you can take this portable record of development wherever you go. Our judges had great affection for this piece which is beautifully made, is great for family bonding and looks stylish wherever it is placed in the home.

No more taking airing cupboard doors with you when you move house! Now the record and memory of your children's growth can be a piece of art in your home. I love these!
Gemma Metcalfe, founder of Mutha. Hood @mutha.hood
I love this, it's such a beautiful piece to have in your home that will hold so many memories for years to come.
Carly Stevens, Fashion Stylist and Lifestyle Blogger @carlyjstevens
Such a sweet idea and looks beautiful too.
Charlotte Kewely, Children’s Stylist and Blogger @thelittlestylist

WHERE: Family Rule