Best First Walker Footwear Collection | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: aidie London: Specialist Baby Moccasins


WHAT: Handcrafted leather, specialist first walking shoes for babies and toddlers endorsed by podiatrists and designed by specialists in Infant Psychology to support babies' ability to walk and encourage physical and cognitive development.

WHY: These super sweet fringed moccasins look gorgeous – we love the star prints and butter soft leather - while secretly working hard to improve baby’s overall physical and cognitive development through the perfect level of sole density and flexibility, mimicking how a bare foot would connect with the ground and enabling the messages that the nerve endings would send to the brain to flow freely. We think that’s what happens! Our judges thought these shoes were gorgeous and loved the nurturing aspect of the design.

Great theory behind these, and also look lovely!
Caroline Rowland, Interiors Expert and founder of 91 Magazine
You can’t always let your baby walk barefoot but these beautiful shoes are the very best next thing – perfect for learning to walk and developing balance.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior

WHERE: aidie London

Best First Walker Footwear Collection | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Poco Nido Mighty Shoes

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WHAT: Foot shaped, barefoot-friendly shoes for infants with laser etched leather uppers, leather lining and TPU soles. Designed with foot health and comfort in mind, they mimic the feeling and effects of walking barefoot with a thin and super-flexi sole, making the perfect alternative to walking barefoot when floor conditions mean that just isn’t possible.

WHY: We were completely smitten by these beautiful designs particularly the round toe shape and sweet laser etched detailing on the leather uppers. The Velcro fastening Mary-janes and lace up brogues were a particular hit.

I am a huge fan of Poco Nido’s first walkers. The styling is beautiful and soles are just the right balance of flexible and resilient.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
These shoes are absolutely gorgeous. I love the two tone twine that fastens the tiny lace-ups and the turquoise Mary-Janes are so cute!
Ellie Crompton, Junior Contributing Editor and founder of blog, The Mumday Times.

WHERE: Poconido



WHO: Bobux Xplorers

WHAT: A toddler shoe designed to bridge the gap between crawling and those first wobbly months on two feet. Their unique lightweight and super flexible Eva sole allows the shoes to be as close to barefoot as possible, aiding ground connection, special awareness and balance.

WHY: The sleek, minimal design of these shoes in a variety of neutral or fun prints really appealed to our judges, many of whom already know the Bobux brand and it’s superb range for toddlers. Our judges commented in their notes:

This is my go to brand for first walkers. Soft and perfect quality for growing feet.
Gemma Metcalfe, inventor of The Strong Girls Club Tee and founder of lifestyle store, The Mutha.Hood
Bobux never fails to deliver. Their shoes have met the demanding needs of my kid’s from cruising round the sofa to the playground and I love their cool designs.
Ellie Crompton, Junior Contributing Editor

WHERE: Bobux