Best Feeding Product Design (Baby) | Junior Design Awards 2019



WHO: Bumbo Multi-Seat

WHAT: A multi-functional, highly portable and adaptable seat for babies and toddlers ages 6-36 months that can be used as a floor seat, strapped to an adult chair in place of a high chair or used as a booster by removing the pad. The bumbo multi seat is an at home necessity for many but it really comes into its own when families are on the move. Whether you need a high chair at a restaurant a friend’s house or even camping the The Multi-seat is an essential for many parents.

WHY: We’ve always been fans of the Bumbo and now the Bumbo Multi-seat has taken things to another level. With three different uses – it is a floor chair, high chair and a booster seat in one - this is a very versatile piece of kit that adapts to your child’s needs as they grow and will no doubt be passed down through families and friends. Robust but lightweight and pretty cute to boot, this entry had a huge amount of positive feedback.

Always used a Bumbo! This is brilliant.
JDA19 judge and founder of Don’t Buy Her Flowers, Steph Douglas.
A well-designed, multifunctional piece of kit that definitely makes life easier at home and on the go. They seem indestructible too!
Hollie de Cruz, founder of yesmumcards’
Great concept and functionality.
Gabrielle Spang, owner of expert eye and founder of cool kid’s store Scandimini

WHERE: The Bumbo Multi-seat is available from Amazon and Kidly

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Best Feeding Product Design (Baby) | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Beaba Babycook Neo

WHAT: An electric counter top food steamer and blender that makes preparing healthy home-made baby food an absolute doddle. The Babycook can steam cook, blend, defrost and reheat and promises nutritious baby food made from scratch in just fifteen minutes. Featuring a large capacity glass bowl and stainless-steel steam basket, it can produce a variety of textures to suit your baby’s needs. It also turns off automatically so you can’t overcook those Michelin star baby meals.

WHY: We loved the fact that this baby food maker has a super generous (1,250ml) glass bowl and a good size stainless steel steam basket, so that parents can bulk prepare meals in one go and then freeze if need be. The Babycook also looks really appealing and the two stylish colour options, Midnight Blue & Rose Gold or White and Grey went down really well with our judges.

This gadget is a convenient and great aide to help feed your baby. I bought one 10 years ago....didn't quite look like this then!
JDA19 judge Gabrielle Spang, founder of kids’ concept store Scandimini
This is such a great piece of equipment that really does help parents make healthy baby food and purees from scratch without the mess or the worry that they’re going to overcook or burn anything! I had one for my daughter and used it non-stop.
Junior Editor Bonita Turner

WHERE: The Beaba Babycook Neo is available from Oliver’s Babycare

Best Feeding Product Design (Baby) | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Comotomo Baby Bottles

A baby bottle designed to closely mimic the sensation of breastfeeding, enabling babies to transition from breast to bottle and back again with ease. Tackling the problem of nipple confusion and bottle rejection was the primary goal of this bottle design but its anti-colic features and easy to clean, non toxic materials are also key features.

The struggle of moving from breast to bottle or vice versa or of bringing a bottle into the mix so that your partner can take on some of the feeding duties is such a source of stress for many parents. Enter the Comotomo bottle which has a wide mound and a naturally shaped nipple to help your little one make a seamless switch from breast to bottle. Genius! A bottle that takes its inspiration from mother nature and actually looks and feels like a breast! Our judges thought this award was a no brainer.

Such a fantastic design.
Junior Editor, Bonita Turner
It looks cute but it definitely has baby’s needs at heart when it comes to function. I had to return to work when my first daughter was 7 months and she just would not take a bottle. It was a really stressful time that caused a lot of anguish and I wish this bottle design had been around then.
Junior’s Contributing Editor Ellie Crompton

WHERE: Comotomo bottles are available from Amazon

Best Feeding Product Design (Baby) | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Babycup First Cups

WHAT: Colourful mini cups that encourage toddlers to start sipping their own drink, helping them to develop self-feeding skills and fine motor skills. Research shows that sipping from a cup as opposed to sucking from a teat or sucky cup decreases tooth decay and encourages healthy jaw development. The cups are also perfect for cup-feeding infants when feeding challenges such as latch issues, bottle-refusal, cleft or tongue-tie arise. Non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalates-free; durable; dishwasher-safe; steriliser-safe and 100% recyclable

WHY: These cups may look very simple but they serve a myriad of functions and are a super practical addition to your toddler bag of tricks. Designed to perfectly fit small hands, kids love the independence of holding their own cup and the fact that they are translucent means that children can see exactly how much liquid is left in the cup. Easy to clean, easy to store and a product that can be used for years, these mini cups are mini superheroes for mealtimes and pit stops. Our expert judges thought these cups were extremely cute and useful.

These sweet little cups are perfect for encouraging children to drink independently and are orthadentist approved - so easy to pack for picnics and travelling too.
Junior Editor, Bonita Turner

WHERE: Babycup First Cups are available from Amazon