Best Eco Toy Design | Junior Design Awards 2021

The Junior Design Awards put eco credentials high on the list when it comes to judging - some take the Eco toy design very seriously. So these winners are Junior Approved...

Published: September 22, 2021 at 12:00 pm


WHO: Dilly Blue
Wooden Botanical Calendar Dolls
Sometimes our judges’ quotes just say it all and their enthusiasm for these darling little wooden dolls was clear from the moment they approached the Dilly Blue display. As well as being tactile, educational, beautifully painted and perfect for little hands to hold onto, these perfectly formed wooden figures embody Dilly Blue’s commitment to producing thoughtful, low-impact, eco-friendly toys. The panel were excited to hear that all their packaging is recyclable and that the brand offsets their carbon footprint with a tree planting programme. The botanical calendar struck everyone as a wonderful way of introducing children to the months of the year with a beautiful floral twist and the panel could just imagine children enjoying learning about the different flowers and taking great pride in discovering the flower of their own birth month. Beautiful!

I was really drawn to these little ladies. They would look smart lined up on a ledge, but they’re very grabbable too. Love the birth month flower illustrations.
Charlotte Jolly, Beauty Director, Hello!
Beautiful idea and outcome.
Bonnie Van Geel, Stylist
These would look beautiful at home! And an introduction to the botanical calendar is something I could do with!
Chloe Thurston, Stylist and Influencer @chloeuberkids

Wow! Just absolutely love this and would buy! Such beautiful simple design that would look beautiful in any family home. Great idea to introduce kids to flowers and when they are in season! Want these for myself!!
Emma Paton, Stylist and influencer

WHERE: Dilly Blue



WHO: Threadbear by TenderLeaf Toys
Forest Floor box of wooden toys
This beautiful lidded tinker tray box, with 49 individual forest floor pieces including six grey flat pebbles, four multi faceted rocks, three cone trees, eight twigs, a snail, a moth, six little toadstools, one large toadstool, ten leaves, two acorns, two beetles, four tunnel pieces, one bird's egg – we checked – really excited our judges. They loved the wonderful tactility of the wooden pieces and the multi-functional potential of the box which can be used for endless sorting games and when the dividers are removed can even be filled with sand for a sensory play session! The chalkboard lid was another thoughtful extra. The panel were super impressed with this completely plastic free toy that uses only reclaimed wood from sustainable Indonesian rubber wood plantations and earth-friendly inks with packaging that is mindful of waste and plastic-free. The news that ThreadBear Design has partnered with Eden Reforestation projects to plant 10 trees for every order processed also got plenty of applause. The brand has planted 25,000 trees so far! Bravo!

So beautiful and such a gorgeous collection of open ended toys!
Chloe Thurston, Stylist and Influencer
Great design, always something so tactile about wooden mushrooms! Very engaging and like the organised tray for keeping it all in.
Emma Paton, Ex-Fashion Buyer and Stylist

WHERE: Tenderleaf Toys



WHO: Joguines Grapat
Together by Grapat wooden dolls
YES! We absolutely loved this beautiful line-up of wooden figures or as Grapat calls them, Nins, all created in solid wood and hand-stained in the colours of the rainbow to celebrate diversity in shape, ethnicity and gender. The positive message embodied in these simple wooden figures moved all of our judges who loved this expression of diversity and representation in its purest form. The brand’s dedication to preserving the environment really stood out to the panel who were excited to read that Grapat only use wood from sustainable forests, non-toxic water based dyes and vegetable waxes. Their very hands on approach to helping our planet by removing all plastic from their packaging and organizing beach clean ups also impressed the panel greatly.

I absolutely love these beautifully crafted, simple figures that make everyone feel a part of the story. Fantastic for stimulating young imaginations and encouraging role-play.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
We love our Grapat Nins and I love the inclusiveness of these ones!”
Chloe Thurston, Stylist and Influencer @chloeuberkids
What a fab idea! Reminds me of something from my own childhood. Very tactile and a good way to start conversations with your kids.
Emma Paton, Styist and Influencer

WHERE: Grapat



WHO: oioiooi
Oh My Star wooden rattle
These beautifully carved traditional baby rattles made from beech and walnut tree wood and finished with bees wax caused lots of oohs and ahhs. The beautifully tactile feel, the warmth of the wood and the combination of a nostalgic toy with a modern microphone really appealed. Our judge thought that this rattle would be a longstanding favourite of many children who would love using it as a pretend microphone long after they’d grown out of the rattle phase. The use of eco-friendly materials including sugar cane paper for wrapping really impressed the panel and they loved the fact that this gift could be personalised with a name or message.

Just adorable and so beautifully made! Perfect for the little stars in your life.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Love that there’s a lettering service. This would make a very sweet gift.
Charlotte Jolly, Beauty Director of Hello!
What a beautiful first baby toy! Perfect gift and stunning design and not too noisy!!
Emma Paton, Stylist and Influnecer

WHERE: oioiooi



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