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Best Designed / Illustrated Book for Children | Junior Design Awards 2020

Beautifully designed and illustrated children's books make our hearts sing at Junior so trust us when we say these are the best-of the-best!

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JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 GOLD WINNER: Best Designed / Illustrated Book For Children

WHO: The Big Book of Blooms by Yuval Zommer (published by Thames & Hudson)

WHAT: The newest title in the hugely successful ‘Big Book’ series of fact-filled books. The Big Book of Blooms showcases the world’s most fascinating flowering plants, introducing young children to all kinds of colourful, carnivorous, weird and wonderful blooms from around the world, produced in association with the experts at Kew Gardens, London.

WHY: Any book that encourages children to learn is a winner in our books. And, this beautifully designed and illustrated book is a wonderfully crafted book that encourages children to learn more about the natural world. The judges loved the addition of fascinating facts, fun activities and that it inspires kids to learn more about the world of flowers in such an engaging way.

The kind of book I would’ve loved as a child!
Alexandra Stedman, founder of The Frugality
Visually remarkable! What a beautiful and joyful book!
Fatima Truscott, Journalist and founder of The FT Times blog
A great idea for any child with a creative side. This book is ageless - in fact, I'm tempted to pop this on my own Christmas Wish List!
Sam Dean, Journalist and Beauty Copywriter

WHERE: Thames & Hudson

JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 JOINT SILVER WINNER: Best Designed / Illustrated Book For Children

WHO: Take Me Outdoors by Mary Agnes Richards (Anges & Aubrey)

WHAT: Take Me Outdoors is the latest title in the Take Me series founded in 2019 by Mary Agnes Richards, a writer, illustrator and publisher, with partner David Aubrey Schweitzer, a composer and songwriter. These part-journal, part-activity book, part-fact books for children are all set with chapters that help children engage away from the screen.

WHY: A book launched during the Covid pandemic that offers parents a new way to engage children with the world around them,  has to be applauded. The judges loved the relevant chapters about protecting the environment and facts about saving our planet that encourage children to care and observe and enjoy the world around them. Take Me Outdoors explores kids surroundings and helps them engage with the natural world, whether that be in their own back garden or on a trip to a park, beach or woods. It was also noted that this book has been produced on uncoated FSC-certified paper. Bravo!

Love the interactive elements
Alexandra Stedman, Influencer and founder of @thefrugality
A beautiful way for children to enjoy nature.
Fatima Truscott, Fashion Stylist and writer, @the_ft_times
A lovely gift idea for a young, budding explorer. I love that this book can be just as relevant for a child exploring their own garden as a child exploring a National Trust forest.
Sam Dean, Beauty Journalist and Brand Copywriter

WHERE: Agnes & Aubrey

toe play

JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 JOINT SILVER WINNER: Best Designed / Illustrated Book For Children

WHO: Toe Play (Round Ground)

WHAT: The third book in the Playbook Series of books from Round Ground, which includes the award-winning Finger Play and Face Play. An interactive picture book that inspires play and creativity.

WHY: Toe Play is designed for children to have fun with their toes while reading the book! The picture book includes character claw stickers, which enhance children’s interest and imagination as they stand, step and jump on the pages and join in the storytelling.

Love the stickers!! V cute.
Alexandra Stedman, Influencer and founder of @thefrugality
This is GENIUS!
Fatima Truscott, Fashion Stylist and writer, @the_ft_times

WHERE: Round Ground


JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 BRONZE WINNER: Best Designed / Illustrated Book For Children

WHO: The Crush Series

WHAT: The Crush Series is a collection of rhyming poetry books aimed at 2-7 year old children that present the adventures of a group of animals as they go about their daily lives. With specially written music and lyrics about the main character that a parent and child can share and learn together.

WHY: These high quality, entertaining and educational books feature stories and lovable characters (currently frog, monkey and penguin) that connect with children and help inspire their young minds. With beautiful, soft illustrations that bring the words to life, these books will encourage conversations and awareness about the circle of life, climate change and its effects on global habitats, with a positive message about the consequences of one’s actions.

Any positive storyline, where good comes from an unexpected situation is a great read for me and my kids! The calming, classic illustrations are lovely to look at, too.
Sam Dean, Beauty Journalist and Brand Copywriter

WHERE: The Crush Series