WHO: Snuz


WHAT: SnuzPod4 Bedside Crib

WHY: The Snuz Pod impressed all our judges this year, especially those who are new parents and know all too well how important a comfortable, cosy and safe crib is in the early stages. This crib’s unique surface-level air-flow vents, air-permeable mesh liner, and base ventilation which create Snuz Pod’s signature ComfortAir system, designed to increase airflow and help regulate baby's temperature really stood out for the panel. This teamed with its easy bedside access, improved mattress with handy reflux incline feature, as well as it’s eye-pleasing design made it a gold winning entry.

I could not be without my Snuz. I absolutely love it and am dreading my daughter outgrowing it. It's easy to use and set up, rockable, lightweight and moveable, feels safe and comfortable for baby and she actually sleeps well in it!
Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist and mother of 3
This is just such a well designed, good looking crib and the new ComfortAir system and improved mattress make this a bedside crib that’s hard to better.
Bonita Turner, Editor




WHO: DockATot
WHAT: The DockATot Deluxe+ baby docking station/pod for ages 0-8+ months

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WHY: Keeping your baby close at hand and cocooned in comfort has never been easier thanks to this hugely popular, portable pod that doubles up as the softest snuggliest changing station, and safe play area. Most babies however, just love to lie in these aesthetically pleasing pods! Our panel loved the compact, sleek design, the lovely protective shape and the fact that you can give the DockATot a new lease of life with additional covers, which are all machine washable. Pronounced a modern day parenting essential by several of our judges.

I love my Dockatot! As I write my 4-month-old baby is lying next to me in her William Morris printed version. I wouldn't be without it. It's her safe resting pod for downstairs! I think I'd love this product regardless of how it looks but the pretty designs certainly help..
Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist and mother of 3
Definitely a modern day parenting essential. I know so many new parents who credit their DockATots with giving their baby a huge sense of security.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior




WHO: The Basket Room
WHAT: A Handwoven Moses Basket

WHY: Everyone who came across this moses basket couldn’t help but coo out loud! It really is such a beautiful object, made with such incredible skill and is something that any parent would love to have in their home. Looks aside, our judges loved the eco-friendly and ethical values intrinsic to this product that would give any baby a wonderfully earth friendly start in life! The Basket Room work with a talented weaving cooperative in Ghana to produce these moses baskets empowering the local community and providing jobs, paying them a fair wage and preserving this age old craft. The panel were excited to hear that each basket takes around three days to complete using veta vera grass, which grows wild in Ghana and is a zero waste product. The beautiful design, incredible craftsmanship and planet friendly nature of this moses basket, makes it a truly worthy Junior Design Award winner.

So beautiful. Probably the most photogenic baby basket ever!
Charlotte Kewely Children’s Stylist and mother of 3
A stunning example of handmade design that would sit well in any home, contemporary or traditional.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Ideal for parents who want a beautiful moses basket made from natural, breathable materials with zero landfill when it finally retires. I am sure many babies will have loved its wicker walls by then.
Eleonore Crompton, Contributing Editor, Junior

WHERE: The Basket Room