Best Children's Tableware Design | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Nana's Manners - A knife & fork for kids


WHAT: Soft-touch handled cutlery that supports fine motor skill development and makes cutting up food so much easier for little ones. Used and endorsed by Occupational Therapists and Educational professionals, these knife and fork sets come in a range of bright colours that make them as appealing to look at as they are a joy to use. Nana’s Manners also make packs of conversation cards featuring open ended questions, designed to encourage fun chats over meals.

WHY: Now available in shades of orange, green, teal and pink, Nana’s Manners' distinctive cutlery not only looks fantastic but continues to encourage children to feed themselves with confidence making mealtimes much more fun. The JDA19 judging panel was impressed to hear that Nana’s Manners cutlery is now recommended by The National Autistic Society, and that demand from schools has led to the the release of a commercial range of the cutlery this year.

I honestly can’t tell you how much I wish I’d found this brand sooner. My children have always struggled with cutlery dexterity and the weight, shape and form of these would have been perfect.
Gemma Metcalfe, founder of Mutha.Hood
Love this cutlery and the conversation cards too!
Shosh Kazeb, founder of Kidswear Collective

WHERE: Nana’s Manners products are available from

Best Children's Tableware Design | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Bobo&boo Bamboo 5 Piece Dinnerware Set

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WHAT: A 5-piece Bamboo Dinnerware Set designed to fill the gap in the market for on-trend, pared back children’s tableware. Available in a range of seven gorgeous colours, these sets are hard wearing, dishwasher safe, and super chic. As well as being easy on they eye, each item is made from natural, renewable and sustainable bamboo, and everything is non-toxic, BPA-free, and biodegradable.

WHY: This brand’s eco-credentials are seriously impressive. Marry this with an eye for colour and beautiful pared back design and it is little wonder that our judges were so impressed with this tableware range. With everything down to the packaging being recyclable, this Australian company are an inspiring example of business and design being respectful of our planet. Our judges commented:

Love the bamboo material and soft colour palette.
Shosh Kazeb, founder of Kid’s Collective
I love it when intelligent and beautiful design goes hand in hand with sustainability. I want a set in every colour!
Ellie Crompton, Junior's Contributing Editor

WHERE: Bobo&boo Bamboo 5 Piece Dinnerware Sets are available from Amazon

Best Children's Tableware Design | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Done by Deer - Elphee Stick & Stay plate and spout/snack cup

WHAT: A stick & stay plate with two practical compartments that help little eaters master their eating skills and not their plate hurling. The plate sticks to smooth surfaces with its suction base, while its rounded inside edges help little ones scoop up their food. The two-handle spout/snack cup from the same range is also a great addition to toddler dining. This easy-to-grip cup with two handles and two interchangeable lids that convert it from a leak free drinking cup to a snack grab pot that doesn’t spill is genius.

WHY: Apart from their well considered, practical and versatile designs, these tableware pieces are just so adorable! All our judges were cooing over the gorgeous elephant designs and pastel colours.

How did I not know about this until now? Sooo cute! And creative! The kiddies would appreciate these creative dishes.
Aly, founder of All Mums Talk
Love the snack cup.
Clemmie Telford, founder of Mother of All Lists
When cute is actually incredibly stylish. I love, love, love this brand and the suction plate and diggy snack pot are perfect for little hands and minds.
Gemma Metcalfe of the Mutha.Hood
Love this snack cup! Lightweight and a gorgeous design - so perfect for little hands, and love that it goes from cup to snack pot.
Hollie de Cruz, founder of the yesmum cards

WHERE: Done by Deer is available at Kidly, Scandiborn , Smallable and many other retailers

Best Children's Tableware Design | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Bellivia eat&play pad

WHAT: Bellivia's slip-resistant eat&play pad offers - thanks to its revolutionary design - the perfect solution for everyday mess at the family table. By regularly using the eat&play pad children learn to eat, drink and play independently. It features two ergonomically designed holders so that children can drink their favourite drink out of a regular glass or cup without knocking them over. The holders can also accommodate baby food containers, snacks, veggie sticks and can even store craft utensils like beads, paintbrushes and crayons for art sessions.

WHY: Our judges were unanimous in their praise.

Great idea : ) love the colourways
Abi Campbell, Kids Fashion Photographer
Great colours and quality that would be perfect for all tables
Gemma Metcalfe, founder of the Mutha.Hood

WHERE: Find them on Bellivia