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Best Children’s Stationery Product | Junior Design Awards 2020

These are the best children's stationery products as rated by the judging panel at this year's Junior Design Awards 2020

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JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 PLATINUM WINNER: Best Children’s Stationery Product

WHO: Polar Post

WHAT: A personalised letter service to and from Father Christmas at the North Pole. Hand-addressed by elves, signed by Father Christmas, delivered by magic.

WHY: Our JDA20 judges were unanimous in their decision that the Polar Post should be a Platinum winner this year. Every Polar Post letter sent on behalf of father Christmas, every letter head for sending children’s wishes to the North Pole on and every limited edition, illustrated stamp is fizzing with the spirit of Christmas. Our judges loved the beautiful hand-penned calligraphy that makes these letters stand out from their competitors, the well-chosen collaboration with artist Claire Fletcher to create truly special keepsake stamps and artwork and the beautifully curated, quality gifts with a nostalgic feel that grace the Polar Post Website. The panel were also moved by thoughtful and sensitive additions to the range including a letter for babies and children who have passed away and another for children who have recently lost a parent, a percentage of which go to Tommy’s and Winston’s Wish. A brand that truly embodies the spirit of Christmas and kindness.

From the stunning, hand written envelopes to the beautiful illustrations, this service will bring magic into your home at Christmas.
Bonita Turner Editor of Junior
Sprinkling magic on doormats, up chimneys and under Christmas trees with a calligraphy pen wand. Could not love this more!
Ellie Crompton, Junior Contributing Editor
Already a beautiful brand with a lovely concept, the way Polar Post has gone above and beyond for children this year is just magical.
Carly Stevens, stylist an founder of Style & Substance Blog @carlyjstevens
It's always nice to add an extra sprinkle of magic around Christmas time. My daughter would love to receive a beautiful letter from Father Christmas like this one.
Sam Dean, Beauty Journalist and Brand Copywriter
Polar Post continues to create Christmas magic year on year.
Victoria Evans, Editor & Founder of City Kids Magazine

WHERE: Polar Post

JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 GOLD WINNER: Best Children’s Stationery Product

WHO: The HappySelf Journal

WHAT: A daily journal for children aged 6 to 12, based on scientifically proven methods that promote happiness, develop healthy habits for life and nurture enquiring minds.

WHY: Keeping a journal is hugely positive for everyone’s sense of wellbeing, encouraging gratitude, mindfulness and a time for reflection. The HappySelf journal is dedicated to helping children do all these things in a warm, friendly accessible way with plenty of humour and gentle encouragement. Our judges felt this was a wonderful book that really spoke to children on their level, helping them to express themselves and navigate life with more confidence and happiness.

From the sunny yellow cover to the fun gender neutral, illustrations and easy to fill out pages this journal is such a joyful book that helps kids express themselves and feel a sense of wellbeing. My daughter loves hers.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
This journal is beautifully presented and inspires happiness. I like the simple use of emojis and tick boxes to make it easy for children to log their feelings and productivity.
Carly Stevens, stylist an founder of Style & Substance Blog @carlyjstevens

WHERE: Happy Self Journal

JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 SILVER WINNER: Best Children’s Stationery Product

WHO: Festive Fingerprints

WHAT: A card kit that allows you to create unique fingerprint cards at home for any occasion.

WHY: A fabulous card making kit, providing everything you need to create the most personal cards possible! After all what could be more personal and unique than a fingerprint? Our judges loved these kits, tailored to every Festive occasion, which mean no more dashing out for last minute cards, lots of fun bonding time with the family and a way to include even the smallest members of the household who haven’t mastered writing yet. Our panel felt this was a simple but brilliant idea with the potential for lots and lots of fun!

Such wonderful kits that will provide hours of fun in the making and put big smiles on the faces of everyone who receives them!
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
This is a really creative way to send personalised cards which are really special.
Victoria Evans, Editor & Founder of City Kids Magazine
This product really resonates with me. My daughter and I love crafting things and in particular making cards to send to people during lockdown. This is a lovely way of personalising something as simple as a card and I would definitely do these for Christmas and birthdays.
Carly Stevens, stylist an founder of Style & Substance Blog @carlyjstevens

WHERE: Festive FingerPrints

JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 BRONZE WINNER: Best Children’s Stationery Product

WHO: Crayon Box

WHAT: Handmade wax crayons in an array of exciting shapes and characters.

WHY: Our judges felt these gorgeous, chunky crayons were something different and fun that would entice children into drawing while stimulating imaginations. The option for personalisation with crayons in the shapes of letters spelling out a name was a lovely touch and the smooth polished finish and tactile nature of these crayons impressed everyone. The level of attention and care gone into this product received great feedback from the JDA panel, who were astonished to learn that this operation is still run from the founder’s kitchen! Amazing!

Love these. A brilliant gift idea at a fantastic price-point.
Sam Dean, Beauty Journalist and Brand Copywriter
So pleasing to look at and touch and a great idea for gifting.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
This brand has thought outside of the box (excuse the pun) and I love how sturdy they look. It is certainly a lovely alternative way of enticing children to enjoy crayons.
Carly Stevens, stylist an founder of Style & Substance Blog @carlyjstevens

WHERE: Crayon Box