WHO: Polar Post
Letters from Father Christmas
Father Christmas is a very busy man so thank goodness he can rely on the Polar Post and its band of talented elven scribes to take care of all his letter writing. All our judges were completely spellbound by this beautiful postal service that makes sure children receive a heartfelt, personalised update from St Nick, written on the most beautiful headed note paper in ink that swirls across the page like the mists of the North Pole. Every year, the elves outdo themselves with their stunning calligraphy and they pay extra special attention to the embossed envelopes, which are decorated with limited edition illustrated stamps, franked and dusted with sparkling gold stars. The JDA panel felt the continuity, attention to detail and sheer artistry that went into these letters was breath-taking and truly embodied the Spirit of Christmas. Congratulations Polar Post!

Every year I am so moved (and a little blown away) by the warmth and beauty of this postal service. Just magical!
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Beautiful design and I love the thought behind it.
Bonnie Van Geel, Photographer & Stylist @pepper.pics
Just magical!
Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist and founder @thelittlestylist
I think kids would love to receive one of these letters and it would also look great doubled as a Christmas decoration!
Chloe Thurston, Stylist and Influencer @chloeuberkids
Outstanding attention to detail!! Beautiful and captures the magic of Christmas and childhood! We all need this year to be the best Christmas ever!!!
Emma Paton, Stylist and Influencer

WHERE: Polar Post



WHO: The Happy Self Journal
Teen edition of the classic Happy Self Journal

WHY: This daily journal based on scientifically proven methods to promote happiness, develop healthy habits for life and nurture enquiring minds, scored highly with our judges who were excited to see this new dedicated tween and teen version. The panel felt that this edition was especially relevant considering the months of lockdown that teenagers have had to go through, at a time when they would usually be asserting more independence and bonding with friends. A great book that really helps address tween and teen’s mental health, giving them space to reflect and express themselves without screens during this often bewildering chapter.

Good for any child growing up.
Bonnie Van Geel and Pepper, Stylist and Child Model both of @pepper.pics
I think the mission behind the happy self journal is awesome! Encouraging teens to be able to connect to themselves and having the tools to do so later in life is so incredibly important in today's world. I would perhaps like to see a couple more colour ways in the term version although I don't think this detracts from the brilliant content.
Chloe Thurston, Stylist and Influencer @chloeuberkids
So pleased to see a teen edition of this excellent journal!
Emma Paton, Stylist and influencer

WHERE: The HappySelf Journal

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WHO: International Elf Service
Personalised letters from Father Christmas, The Tooth Fairy and The Easter Bunny

WHY: So much love and care goes into producing these letters and their accompanying certificates and its easy to see why children get so excited by them. Our judges particularly liked the option of Elfie's Christmas Advent Calendar Letters Bundle, which is like a written letter, story telling version of an advent calendar, building excitement and encouraging reading during the countdown to Christmas. Our judges thought the whole range of letters available to support children through different chapters in their life - some challenging – were cleverly and sensitively devised and the panel was also impressed with this brand’s focus on sustainability, using only 100% recycled paper, natural jute twine or biodegradable cord, compostable packaging and gift boxes filled with natural wood shavings from managed forests (or from the Elves’ workshop floor!). Brilliant.

The International Elf Service adds another level of fun and excitement to Christmas and enriches so many other childhood rites of passage.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
A lovely idea. My children would be delighted with these…
Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist
I loved a lot of things about this entry. They were actually really reasonably priced and have put a lot of thought into being eco friendly. I thought the bereavement letters were an especially beautiful idea.
Chloe Thurston, Stylist and Influencer @chloeuberkids

WHERE: The International Elf Service



WHO: The Ink Pot
Customisable journals, perfect journaling stationery.

WHY: If anyone has had to buy a smart looking, bound notebook recently they probably left the store clutching their receipt with eyes watering. The inhibitive price of journals was the starting point for this beautiful brand, which came about when 12 year old Eva convinced her mum that there was a gap in the market for fairly priced, chic and cool notebooks. Our judges loved the more reasonable price point, but far more than that they loved the high quality and design of this product. With a choice of gorgeous coloured fabric, and even the option of an eco friendly cork cover, there is also the option to personalise your book with embossed images and initials. The panel felt that this was a stationery brand that children, teens, tweens and adults would love.

These are beautiful!!! I really like the idea of having a really special journal to write in and the gold paged one would be my choice! I love that they can be personalised and that they lay flat for easy writing.
Chloe Thurston, Stylist and Influencer @chloeuberkids
These are really special books - perfect for anyone who loves journaling, bullet journaling and drawing.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
So much thought has gone into these journals. A great gift for creative kids and stationery geeks (like me!)
Eleonore Crompton, Contributing Editor, Junior

WHERE: The Ink Pot