Best Children's Snack/Drink Brand | Junior Design Awards 2019



WHO: We Might be Tiny - Frostie Icy Pole Moulds
WHAT: A trio of silicone ice lolly moulds in the shape of We Might be Tiny’s signature cat, bear and a bunny that you can use again and again to create delicious, healthy home made treats. The moulds are not only freezer-safe, but also oven-proof so they are super versatile

WHY: The fact that there are no plastic wrappers involved here and that these moulds can be used for decades makes this product an eco conscious buy and our testers were SO impressed with the design and ease of use. Forget any previous freezer mishaps you might have had with leaky lolly moulds or moulds that just won’t let you get your popsicle out in one piece, or at all, for that matter… These lolly moulds are fool proof, don’t spill and are super easy to remove your lollies from in one gorgeous cat, bear or bunny shaped piece! Our JDA19 judges commented:

So cute!!! On my shopping list! A great way to keep the iced snacks healthy!
Aly, founder of All Mums Talk
I’ve had the pleasure of trying these out at home and they are fantastic. These are the first lolly moulds I’ve used that haven’t been a complete faff. They lie flat in the freezer so there are no spills, they’re a dream to remove and they are a lovely generous size.
Ellie Crompton, Junior’s Contributing Editor

WHERE: We Might be Tiny Frostie Icy Pole Moulds are available from Lily & Fred

Best Children's Snack/Drink Brand | Junior Design Awards 2019


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WHO: HEY YUM! Organic Sweets

WHAT: Super moreish (we were compelled to eat several packets in the name of research), certified organic sweets made from only natural ingredients and infused with fruit. With vegan and gluten free options in the range.

WHY: If you’re going to give your kids sweets why not make them the best kind of sweets possible? In this case, we mean containing all organic ingredients and zero artificial colourants, flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives. Our JDA19 judges were all over these sweets – quite literally.

This product is GREAT! No E-Numbers and organic! It is a sweet, but we all need a treat sometimes!
Gabrielle Spang, founder of concept store Scandimini
Fab branding. Really caught my eye. Love the packaging.
Abi Campbell, kid’s fashion photographer
Wow these are delicious!! Forget about the kids, we’ll be eating these
Georgia Dayton and Zoe Hardman, founders of Madebymammas
Shut the front door, hold the phone and drop the mic... these are wonderful. Sweets that have super fun packaging, taste incredible and ease the guilt of treat time!
Gemma Metcalfe founder of online store Mutha.Hood

WHERE: Superfoodmarket

Best Children's Snack/Drink Brand | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Munchachos

WHAT: A subscriptions-based service that gives children the opportunity to try diverse and delicious flavours from around the world in their very favourite food group: the snack! These snacks are developed by a nutritionist and are portion-controlled, with no added salt or sugar and are created using entirely natural ingredients.

WHY: These snacks are such a great way of introducing kids to a variety of textures, flavours and diverse cultures in the friendly and very tasty form of snacks. Much more nutritious than the usual crisps and biscuits that tend to fill the snack gap, these nibbles are a great way to combine education with quelling those tummy rumbles.

Very tasty, the kiddies tried it recently and they both loved it.
Aly, founder All Mums Talk
A very original idea.
Zoe de Pass, founder of Dress Like a Mum

WHERE: Muchachos is available from