Best Children’s Sleepwear Collection (Baby Sleeping Bags) | Junior Design Awards 2021

Those all important first few months when sleep is all you can think about, ensure your new baby is snuggled up in one of these award winning designs




WHO: Pure Earth Collection
WHAT: A natural fabric sleeping bag made from 100% organic cotton on the outside and bamboo wadding on the inside.

WHY: These super soft to the touch sleeping bags were a huge hit with our judges who loved the on trend colour palette and the cute design. The panel felt that the use of natural thermoregulating materials, including cotton and bamboo, that make sure babies don’t overheat or get too chilly, was a fantastic idea and the cherry on the cake was the clip on tactile comforters that allow babies to self sooth without having loose toys or blankets in the cot with them. The longevity of this product which spans 0-3 years and the use of biodegradable fabrics also impressed.

Brilliant on every level. A must try for me I think…
Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist and founder @thelittlestylist
Really love the cute pop-off comforter - something I've never seen on a sleeping bag like this before. It looks great and has a purpose, rather than just being pretty for pretty's sake.
Gemma Cartwright, Consumer & Commerce Editor at Made for Mums

WHERE: Pure Earth Collection


WHO: Mama Designs

WHAT: Babasac multi tog baby sleeping bag
WHY: These gorgeous looking sleeping bags featuring fresh unisex designs and contrast piping really appealed to our judges. Much praise was given for their ability to adapt to any temperature with the easy to remove inner layers that convert these sleeping bags from 1tog to 2.5 tog so that they can be used all year round or when your baby is sick or has a temperature. Our JDA judges felt that these sleeping bags would genuinely make life easier for parents and more comfortable for babies!

Brilliant idea. I’ve been in the position of having to buy multiple sleeping bags in each size which is costly. This is a game changer and I like the sweet rainbow design.
Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist
Love the idea of having two bags that zip together so the parent doesn't need to buy multiple togs for different seasons. Pretty prints with a unisex feel, and I like the contrast trim. The bag itself is a classic shape and style and the fabric feels soft.
Gemma Cartwright, Consumer & Commerce Editor at Made for Mums

WHERE: Mama Designs


WHO: ergoPouch
WHAT: ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bags, Sleeping Bags and Sleep Suit Bags
WHY: These organic, sustainable, ethical and ergonomically-designed sleeping bags were hugely popular with our team of judges who loved the muted colour palette, scandi style motifs and fantastic attention to detail and finish. The high quality organic cotton was lovely and soft to the touch and our panel were impressed with the range of styles for different stages in a baby/toddler’s life. The zippable Cocoon Swaddle felt easy to use and had a lovely stretch to it for a sense of security and the sleeping bags with separate legs so there are no tumbles if toddlers climb out of bed in the night were much appreciated.

A sleeping bag to cover every phase of baby life. So well considered.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
I loved the Cocoon swaddle with my second child. A brilliant collection and a brand I trust.
Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist
Lots of different styles to suit all ages, I particularly like the convertible styles - pop off sleeves, zip up legs etc.
Gemma Cartwright, Consumer & Commerce Editor at Made for Mums

WHERE: ergoPouch