Best Children’s Party Brand (Dressing Up) | Junior Design Awards 2021

Make light work of kids parties with these award winning party brands that ensure children are dressed their best and ready to PARTY!




WHO: Atelier Spatz
WHAT: Luxury Children’s Costumes
WHY: These exquisite costumes made with such incredible attention to detail and creative flair, really amazed our judges who all discovered their inner child the moment they picked up a felt feathered flamingo jacket or sequined tulle tutu. In fact, we don’t think there was a judge who didn’t twirl about with these outfits up or even try them on! Our panel felt that the quality of these pieces was incredible and that these would be a dress-up dream come true for so many children.

Beautiful, beautiful costumes!
Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist and founder @thelittlestylist
West End worthy costumes! Fabulous heirloom pieces.
Charlotte Jolly, Beauty Director, Hello!
Simply beautiful!!!
Chloe Thurston, Stylist and Influencer @chloeuberkids
Wow fab detail, the dream fancy dress!!Would love to see some kids fancy dress rental sites with this sort of quality.
Emma Paton, Stylist and Influencer
Beautifully designed and imagined kids dressing up costumes - they should consider a rental model.
Jo Jones, Brand Consultant
From the theatre to your kids’ imagination, these costumes are so delightful and fun in every way.
Yvadney Davis, Children’s Stylist

WHERE: Atelier Spatz


WHO: Fable Heart

WHAT: Fable Heart Personalised Birthday Crown & Wand Set
WHY:  Our judges loved these premium quality, hand crafted, re-usable fabric crowns and wands that would lend a magical feel to any party. The panel felt that this small family run business really did put heart and soul into this collection, which showed in the attention to detail and the handcrafted finish. A beautiful product with an heirloom feel that can be used year after year and handed down through delighted children.

I love the vintage quality of these costumes. Absolutely charming.
Yvadney Davis, Children’s Stylist
I love this brand. We have the wand. Prettiest colours.
Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist
Stunning! A keepsake wand and crown!
Chloe Thurston, Stylist and Influencer @chloeuberkids
Perfect bday crown for any little one who wants to feel special on their big day!! The lining on that red velvet jacket is amazing. Beautiful details and heirloom worthy pieces!!
Emma Paton, Stylist and Influencer
Beautiful pieces that elevate from the everyday plastic junk we see everywhere. I want a crown myself!
Jo Jones, Brand Consultant

WHERE: Fable Heart


WHO: Pixi + Jon Co.
WHAT: Sustainable Leather Party Essentials
WHY: The JDA panel loved the eco-conscious ethos of this brand who turn ephemeral party hats and bunting into pieces that have longevity and year round appeal. This leather party range looked super stylish and the judges loved the palette of soft luxurious looking pastels and the addition of the cutest fluffy pompoms. The comfort of the hats also scored highly with our judges who all agreed that these party accessories would be brought out year after year or possibly never put away!

I love the idea behind this. Such pretty pieces.
Charlotte Kewley, children’s Stylist
Party wear that can be used year after year! I love the wipe clean factor!
Chloe Thurston, Stylist and Influencer @chloeuberkids
What a genius idea!!! Great colours and excellent Eco credentials.
Emma Paton, Stylist and Influencer
For me the sustainable element is everything - we dispose of too much after events and kids parties - it all goes into black bin liners and into the rubbish. I like the idea that these items live on and can be passed on.
Jo Jones Brand Consultant
The worry with paper hats is their longevity. I love how these gorgeous hats can be used again and shared amongst siblings and friends.
Yvadney Davis, Children’s Stylist

WHERE: Pixi + Jon Co.