Best Children's Interiors Brand | Junior Design Awards 2019




WHAT: A range of captivating wallpapers, fabrics and cushions featuring flora and fauna with a wild, rebellious, contemporary feel. Founded by two sisters who shared a childhood inspired by nature and freedom.

WHY: These intricate depictions of wild animals and plant life all spun into the most beautiful patterns and scenes really hit a design sweet spot with our judges who all loved the design house’s mix of monochrome, pattern and fine illustration all brought together with a good dash of humour. Badgers in party hats anyone? Yes please! Our judges wrote in their notes:

Just stunning.
Clemmie Telford, influencer and founder of Mother of All Lists
Feed their imagination is absolutely what every child’s space should to. A wonderful collection of patterns and prints that can easily grow with your child.
Gemma Metcalfe, founder of female empowering lifestyle store Mutha.Hood.
Lovely wall paper prints.
Mariko Kuo, Influencer and mother
These prints will capture kids’ imaginations and turn their bedroom into a retreat full of excitement and adventure.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior

WHERE: Wild Hearts Wonder

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Best Children's Interiors Brand | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: done by deer

WHAT: A Danish design company founded in 2014 designing toys and interiors that are fun and stimulating for little ones as well as being pleasing to the eye for grown-ups. Done by Deer offers a wide range of products for eating, playing, sleeping, nursing and decorating the nursery with a playful, contemporary feel

WHY: This fresh and contemporary take on co-ordinated and mix and match baby lifestyle products really got our judges excited. They loved the pared back, graphic designs that all focus around a group of adorable, friendly animal characters drawn in a simple linear style with lots of personality. The products themselves are both gorgeous to look at and cleverly designed.

I am a huge fan of Done by Deer. Their clever pared back animal shapes and drawings featuring bold candy stripes are just gorgeous and bring a breath of fresh air to nursery décor and accessories.
Bonita Turner, Contributing Editor, Junior
Very pleasing to the eye designs and products for babies.
Mariko Kuo, Instagram Influencer and blogger

WHERE: done by deer

Best Children's Interiors Brand | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Camomile London

WHAT: A contemporary British bedding and interiors brand with a refined and gentle sensibility. All bedding is made using natural cottons and muslins in a range of soft muted tones and patterns that create a calm and inviting environment for children. Hand stitching embroidery and incredible attention to detail make these heirloom pieces that will never date

WHY: There is something so special about Camomile London’s bedding, which helps make bed feel like the best place on earth. Soft fabrics, charming prints and subtle playful flourishes make this the bed linen of choice for parents who want exceptional quality and style while children will love the sumptuous textures and their collection of hand made soft toys and cushions.

Naturally stylish with exceptional finish and muted charming tone.
Gemma Metcalfe, founder of Mutha.Hood
So chic : )
Abi Campbell, children’s fashion photographer
This brand is so beautifully considered and every single piece makes my heart sing. The nursery collection in particular is full of hand-finished pieces that are destined to be treasured heirlooms. The Moses Basket sets are just beautiful.
Ellie Crompton, Contributing Editor Junior

WHERE: Camomile London

Best Children's Interiors Brand | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Bear & Beau Little Bunny Collection

WHAT: A luxury home decor brand, founded by Corrinne Caddy-Townshend, featuring her own charming hand-inked illustrations that bring wallpaper, cushions and prints to life.

WHY: Who could resist the heavenly short-eared ball of fluff that is the centrepiece of the Little Bunny Collection? This beautifully rendered rabbit illustration, drawn with bamboo pen and black ink was hugely popular with our judges who also loved the choice of soft sugar pink or dove grey colourways. The panel wrote in their notes:

Super pretty : )
Abi Campbell, children’s fashion photographer
I absolutely adore these simple pen and ink drawings and I love the little details you don’t notice at first glance like the ladybirds, buttercups and dandelion clocks. This bunny motif is destined to be a nursery classic...
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Whimsical and charming - a glorious brand that is just perfect.
Gemma Metcalfe, founder of female empowering lifestyle store Mutha. Hood

WHERE: Bear & Beau