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Best Children’s Hand Wash | Junior Design Awards 2020

In a year when kids have been washing their hands more than ever, we felt we should honour the best kids hand washes and sanitisers on the market for 2020

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JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 GOLD WINNER: Best Children’s Hand Wash

WHO: Little B Hand Wash by Bramley

WHAT: A gentle sulphate-free handwash that uses a revolutionary biodegradable base to create a liquid soap that gently lathers and is kind to children’s skin as well as the environment. For children from 6 months.

WHY: First and foremost the smell! Everyone thought this  Little B Hand Wash smelt divine and the light blend of naturally antibacterial lavender, soothing magnolia and refreshing sweet orange essential oils were much commented on. Our judges felt this was a lovely gentle handwash that wouldn’t end up giving your child sore hands after repeated washing and the option to buy a 5 Litre Starter Pack with two free refillable bottles really impressed the panel from an environmentally friendly standpoint.

The refillable element to this is where everyone should take notice. And the packaging is super gorgeous, too.
Fatima Truscott, Fashion Stylist and writer, @the_ft_times
Such a great handwash for the whole family. Definitely a favourite in our house!
Ellie Crompton, Contributing Editor, Junior

WHERE: Bramley Products


WHO: Spots & Stripes – Stay Safe Hand Cleansing Spray

WHAT: A multipurpose, hand sanitizing spray containing a combination of over 60% alcohol, Tea Tree Oil, Thyme, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice.

WHY: Our judges thought this was a fantastic product. The spray pump is easy to use and means that you can thoroughly sanitise, not just hands but a whole range of different objects and surfaces without getting smeary, hard to absorb gel on them. Doors, bags, pens, the list is endless. The panel also like the fact that this cleansing spray looked fresh and inviting, making it something kids would be proud to carry about with them at school.

Yet again another excellent, well considered product from Spots & Stripes, with a fantastic natural ingredients list that makes hand sanitising for tweens feel less of a chore.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Such a smart idea to create a spray rather than a gel and I know this would be something my kids would be proud to pull out of their school bag.
Ellie Crompton, Contributing Editor, Junior

WHERE: Spots & Stripes


WHO: Scrubbington’s – Foaming Hand & Face Wash

WHAT: A Hand & Face Foam made from naturally derived ingredients and formulated especially for children with sensitive skin.

WHY: This is the foaming hand wash that kids can’t get enough of, so much so that you might want to stock up on a few bottles. Our judges loved the smell and light as air foaming texture of this gentle wash that is designed to use on the face too. The panel felt that these natural products had a fun and exciting feel that really appealed to children and were something different to everything else on the market.

Just brilliant! This is one of my daughters favourite hand washes at home - she loves the foam and it makes an otherwise boring chore for kids so much fun!
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Love the new hand wash. Also the smell of Scrubbingtons is always my fave.
Emma Paton, founder of @EmmaPaton and ex-Fashion Buyer
Brilliant messaging. Clear and concise!
Fatima Truscott, Fashion Stylist and writer, @the_ft_times

WHERE: Scrubbingtons


WHO: Vital Baby – AQUAINT sanitising water

WHAT: A revolutionary 100% NATURAL cleansing water that kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds and is harmless to swallow.

WHY: This sanitiser really caused a stir with our judges who were so intrigued by this formulation which contains just water and a natural acid (Hypochlorous Acid) that is produced in the human body to fight bacteria and germs. That this spray is absolutely harmless if swallowed was a big talking point and the judges could see that this would be a great product for children to use independently and for mothers to use on very young children.

Gosh this feels like a game changer in sanitisers!
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Love that this comes in such a compact spray so that little hands can carry it and use it easily.
Ellie Crompton, Contributing Editor, Junior

WHERE: Vital Baby