Best Children’s Food Brand | Junior Design Awards 2021

When it comes to fast, healthy and nutritious meals for children these award winning brands are way ahead of the rest




WHO: Cook School
WHAT: Cook School Recipe Box for Children
WHY: Our judges loved this subscription recipe box service that encourages kids to venture into the kitchen and create whole, vegetarian meals from scratch. Definitely something to be encouraged at home and a great way to foster enthusiasm for trying new foods and to create a sense of pride and independence. The panel felt the step by step recipe cards with QR codes that link to a video of a child demonstrating the steps to preparing a meal, were clear, concise, welcoming and exciting. Each box contains everything a child needs to learn how to prepare a delicious, nutritious, vegetarian meal to feed a family of four and the lessons can be used in schools as well as at home. Overall, a fantastic package that teaches important life skills and encourages a long term awareness of nutrition, wellbeing and respect for our planet.

Equipping children with cooking skills and a knowledge of nutrition is so important and this is a great way to make it fun! We've tried two of these boxes and both were a massive success.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Love this idea!
Bonnie Van Geel, Founder of @pepperpics
I love this idea. Something I’d definitely like to try with my own children and hopefully it might encourage them to try new foods…
Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist

WHERE: Cook School


WHAT: SOS Dried Fruit Pop Out Puzzle
WHY: These sheets of dried fruit with cut-out shapes of marine life and the plastic rubbish that threatens them, really grabbed our judges. They loved this fab new brand, which encourages children to play with their food while learning about our endangered sea life – SOS stands for Save our Seas. Packaging is all recyclable and made with vegetable inks and carbon neutral printing and the snacks themselves are preservative free, high in vitamin c and can be considered 1 of your 5 a day. Our mini testers really approved too and the excitement of opening a snack that doubles up as a puzzle was clear to see.

I’ve just ordered some after seeing here. What a cool product. Great for adding to party bags too (which is what I now intend to do!
Charlotte Kewley, Children's Stylist and founder of @thelittlestylist
During the judging weeks, I gave some of these to my 6 year old son and he absolutely loved them! The cut out shapes add a whole new dimension to a yummy snack!
Eleonore Crompton, Contributing Editor Junior



WHO: Annabel Karmel
WHAT: Annabel Karmel’s Chilled Meals for Toddlers and Children
WHY: If you don’t have time to meal plan and cook from scratch these chilled meals really are a lifesaver for busy parents who want to guarantee their children get a nutritious, yummy meal that is ready to eat  in minutes. Our panel thought the range of meals including Tomato & Mascarpone Pasta with Hidden Veggies and Cottage Pie, Mild Chicken Tikka with Rice and Chicken & Potato Pie included some great nursery staples as well as some more adventurous flavours and were reassured by the zero additives and preservatives, low salt and clever veggie smuggling! The bright and fun packaging design was also mentioned several times.

Annabel Karmel was a godsend to me when I needed quick and easy nutritious meals for my daughter. These meals are always a hit.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
I love Annabel Karmel and these meals are a brilliant idea.
Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist

WHERE: Annabel Karmel


WHO: Annabel Karmel
WHAT: Annabel Karmel’s Frozen Meals for Toddlers and Children
WHY: The next best thing to batch freezing your own home cooked meals is a supply of Annabel Karmel’s nutritionally balanced, low salt, zero preservatives and additives meals. These tasty frozen meals were developed in cooking whiz, Annabel’s kitchen and are prepared and frozen at the peak of freshness to ensure locked-in goodness. Our panel felt that this was a reliable, stress free way of giving children a healthy meal when the cupboard is bare, or you just need good food in a hurry!

There’s nothing like the reassurance of having a few of these meals in your freezer. Great to know you can trust them to be well balanced and nutritious as well as yummy!
Eleonore Crompton, Contributing Editor, Junior
So handy to have in the freezer!
Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist and mother of 3

WHERE: Annabel Karmel