Best Children’s Food Brand 2017 | Junior Design Awards

Revealing the WINNERS of this year's Junior Design Awards...


Junior Design Awards 2017 for Best Children’s Food Brand

In an ideal world every ounce of food that goes into your baby and child’s mouth would be cooked with your own fair hands. But, in today’s modern world with working parents, playdates, packed lunches for school and less time in general for many families sadly this isn’t the case.


With today’s ready made and pre packed food market bigger than ever and so many brands to choose from getting something healthy, nutritious and more importantly, something fast onto the table is easier than ever thanks to some brilliant food brands and those especially for children.

From weaning to toddler snacks and ready made dinners to easy to cook at home meals this is a competitive market so this category was a tough one to whittle down.

We think we have highlighted best of the best here for those growing appetites.




Mini nom noms is new world food brand for kids created for tastebuds that love to travel. Embracing healthy cuisine that’s tasty, expertly crafted and stimulates all five senses. And, designed to feed the body, mind and soul from a young age.

Appealing to busy parents – as there is no preparation – just heat and serve within two minutes. With a no added sugar, preservatives and additives policy along with very low salt – parents can choose a home-cooked style, inspirational alternative to currently available meals.

The clever multi-compartment meals allows kids to be able to mix, dip and pour whilst exploring new tastes in a fun way. Each dish has been authentically crafted with fresh ingredients, hidden vegetables, fruit, and pulses that will take kids on a taste adventure around the world!


Mini nom noms re-defines the children’s ready meal market and provides a strong educational element to tackle issues of childhood obesity, encourage healthy eating, diverse cultural learning’s and inspire children further to feed a hungry child in India with our ‘one for you = one for them’ promise.

The 5 flavour destinations include North and South India, Malaysia, Morocco & British with our Gruffalo licenced meal accompanied with a chocolate dessert.

Junior Editor Bonita said,

“Even before you taste the food (which I can confirm is delicious) the suitcase style packaging and compartment style tray feeds into a snack tray style dinner that toddlers and kids seem to love – and with things to read and explore it makes mealtimes a more enjoyable and social experience. I love what Mini noms noms are doing and am thrilled to see them scoop Gold.”

Matt Farquharson aka Papa Pukka added “What a great way to get kids curious about different parts go the world through food!”




“A party without cake is just a meeting” so said Julia Child. So, what’s a birthday without cake? Not much fun at all!

But, often making a show-stopping cake is labour of love parents often want to complete, but well, sometimes there simply isn’t the time to make it yourself. Thats where Craft & Crumb come in.

The brainchild of two busy mums who know how hard it can be to bake that special cake. Although the home baking market is growing each year, their realised many parents lack the confidence, resources and time to make a cake.

Craft & Crumb address this with their beautiful packed cake kits to include every little thing you need to bake a homemade cake with stunning results – delivered direct to your door.


With pre-packed premium measured ingredients, glittery toppers and decorations plus all the tools you need including disposable cake pans and an easy to follow step-by-step guide means every parent can get a little helping hand to bake something truly special for that important occasion.




We have awarded Little Dish with bronze for their continued effort to create a healthy meals and savoury snack for young children that tastes delicious and parents can feel good about serving. They entered this years Junior Design Awards with their newest creation the: Pop Pops.

These are delicious savoury snacks for toddlers made with 40% chickpeas and approved by a registered nutritionist. Not only are Pop Pops a great source of protein and high in fibre, they are low in saturated fat and lower in salt than popular crisp brands. And have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives,

We also love the vibrant, energetic design on the Pop Pops’ packaging. Inspired by the light nature of the air-popped snack the design features their playful and popular Zoo Crew characters, having fun blowing bubbles – a top toddler pastime, and with popping bubbles drawing attention to the air popping of our Pop Pops.

Childlike and fun, as with their Little Dish Go Gos (mini roast biscuit snacks) there’s a zoo crew sticker on every bag – meaning parents can reseal bag and protect her handbag from unwanted crumbs, or for little ones to have fun with.

Available in four flavours Original, Cheese, Sweet Red Pepper and Tomato –Little Dish Pop Pops were given a big thumbs up by our expert panel of judges at the #JDA’s.


Matt Farquharson aka Papa Pukka added “I’m quite impressed with what is available now compared to years ago – and Little Dish Pop Pop’s  I would eat them myself!”