Best Children’s Book 5+yrs | Junior Design Awards 2019

These books are perfect for older children and have been voted the best of the best in the #JDA19

| Junior Design Awards 2019

Best Children's Book 5+yrs | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Take me on Holiday by Mary Richards (Agnes & Aubrey)


WHAT: Described as a guided journal for children age 6+ this beautifully illustrated, interactive book is divided into sections for planning researching and recording everything to do with a trip away. Perfect for inspiring wanderlust and creating a lovely holiday keepsake to look back on.

WHY: We all loved the fact that this book adds another creative and exciting dimension to going on holiday. The illustrations are gorgeous and with five sections to devote to separate adventures, it is a journal that can be brought out year after year.

Brilliant idea - love this. Very clever!
Founder of The Mamahood, Diana Bardega
Having kept travel journals when I was young this is fab. I will be buying!
Emma Paton, aka Finlay Fox

WHERE: Take me on Holiday by Mary Richards is available from Waterstones

Best Children's Book 5+yrs | Junior Design Awards 2019


 WHO: The Sea Book by Charlotte Milner, (DK)

WHAT: This enchanting and beautifully illustrated book is a wonderful celebration of the ocean and all it holds. Introducing children to the amazing creatures of the deep, it also raises awareness of the urgent need for marine conservation in a clear and informative way. Overfishing, plastic pollution and climate change are all addressed and there are simple step by step ways to help that readers of all ages can take notice of.

 WHY: The judges response to this beautifully designed book was overwhelming and we couldn’t agree with their comments more. The illustrations and introduction to a much needed conversation about conservation makes this a must for all junior bookshelves.

One of the most important environmental issues we need to be educating our children on! Such a great book!
Emma Paton, founder of Finlay Fox and fashion blogger
Informative with beautiful illustrations.
Yvadney Davis, kids stylist

WHERE:  The Sea Book by Charlotte Milner is available from Amazon



 WHO: The Queen Engineer by Suzanne Hemming illustrated by Jacqui Hughes

WHAT: A rhyming couplet book with fantastic illustrations and a serious message. Florence, a princess who wants to be an engineer, teaches children that no one should be pigeon holed according to their gender and that to find true happiness you must be true to yourself. Stereotypes are old hat!

WHY: In a world that surely needs more inclusivity, more kindness and more open mindedness, this is a welcome addition to any book corner at home or at school. How fantastic to find a book that shows children that they don’t have to conform to gendered stereotypes or behave a certain way to fit in and that to accept difference is a wonderful thing. Our judges loved this book.

Fantastic - brilliant idea and lovely execution.
Diana Bardega founder of The Mamahood
Yay to all the issues being highlighted in this modern kids tale!
Fashion Influencer, Emma Paton.

WHERE: The Queen Engineer is available at Amazon