Best Bike / Scooter Design | Junior Design Awards 2021

These award winning children's bikes and scooters will be an instant hit with kids




 Infinity Scooter
This scooter got a lot of love from our judges who all admired the cool design, the sturdy but lightweight frame and the all-terrain wheels. When the panel discovered that these stylish scooters are designed and produced here in the UK and are all the work of a small, two family run business, they were amazed. Every detail has been well thought out with this scooter and the fact that it’s foldable and suitable for children all the way through, from 5 to 15 years, really impressed. Perhaps the most exciting feature though, is that these wheels are fully customisable and each scooter comes with over 35 different graphics for you to stick onto the frame for a totally unique look. The stickers can then be peeled off and replaced when the rider wants a brand new vibe. Genius! 

A super cool, long lasting scooter that kids will love to personalise.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
This scooter will save parents so much money as it grows with your child from 5 to 15 years old. It also folds down for transporting and storage. Really clever.
Eleonore Crompton, Contributing Editor, Junior
The peel off stickers are a brilliant idea.
Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist
I absolutely love the customisable stickers for this scooter and that you can change the look. There are so many different options too not just a couple. I also really love the fact it is made in the UK and that it is a two family business.
Chloe Thurston, Stylist and Influencer @chloeuberkids




WHO: Micro Scooter
Cruiser Micro Scooter
By the end of the judging days we were in no doubt as to why this Micro Scooter is called the Cruiser. So many of our judges and team members just couldn’t resist a cheeky ride on this scooter, which was fortunately robust enough for full grown women to cruise about on! Apart from a very smooth ride, details that really impressed the judges were the cool retro styling with wide chopper style handle bars that are great for balance and control, the low footplate to aid stability and the easy-to-fold design. This felt like a really sturdy, fun scooter that would last for years and if there are any major scrapes our panel was pleased to learn that Micro Scooter offers replaceable parts, making this a product with great longevity and sustainability.

A really fab and good looking scooter that will last and last.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Another excellent design from Micro Scooter. My kids have used Micro Scooters from 18 months old and they’ve always been brilliant!
Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist and founder @thelittlestylist
We have always used Micro Scooters and are big fans! I don't think you can go wrong with a micro.
Chloe Thurston, Stylist and Influencer @chloeuberkids

 WHERE: Micro Scooter



WHO: Black Mountain
Black Mountain NOTCH Balance Bike Saddle
WHY: Black mountain have always pushed the envelope when it comes to extending the life of their bikes and our judges were excited to see their latest development. Not a new bicycle this time but a specially designed saddle that gives their PINO and SKOG models a lower profile and easier access to shorter legs! The slimline soft and grippy saddle is scoop shaped to help hold the rider in place and simply and easily replaces the original saddle for the early stages of bike riding giving confidence and a sense of security. Our panel felt this was a fantastic innovation that extended the life of these bikes, giving kids more long-term use, saving parents money and helping them lower their carbon footprint.

Such a fantastic innovation that allows the smallest and most enthusiastic kids to ride a balance bike as soon as possible.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
I really like the idea of products being used for different family members and passed down so I think the extra low saddle is a great idea for when a younger sibling is keen to try out the bike without having to get a smaller one!
Chloe Thurston, Stylist and Influencer @chloeuberkids

WHERE: Black Mountain