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Best Baby / Milestone Book | Junior Design Awards 2020

You only buy a keepsake baby book once so make sure its the perfect one by reading all about our Junior Design Award winners...

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JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 GOLD WINNER: Best Baby / Milestone Book

WHO: Tales of Me

WHAT: ‘The Tale of Me & The New Baby’ book (and ‘The Tale of Starting School’) were created by mothers Natalie Talisman & Kirsten Taylor who wanted to help their children deal with emotions through big life changes. These beautifully designed books help children and parents – through the power of personalisation – turn the big adventures in life into special keepsake memories.

WHY: The judges agreed this was so much more than  just a baby book.  These eye-catching Tales of Me books really do help children through big life events. Often, there is a long wait between finding out a change is going to happen – say starting school, moving house or becoming an older sibling – until it actually happens. So, personalising a Tale with photographs, notes, drawings and memorabilia together lets children feel included from the start and allows each child to process in their own way.

A great memory book for parents and children to all get involved in compiling, together.
Fatima Truscott, Journalist and founder of The FT Times Blog
Such a sweet keepsake, also a thoughtful idea for a parent to do together with the child to ease the idea of transition in their lives.
Sam Dean, Beauty Journalist and Copywriter

WHERE: Tales of Me


WHO: Month of Sundays

WHAT: An elegant, hardbound journal made in the UK  which makes a Month of Sundays Childhood Journal one to cherish. These books help parents to document precious memories and milestones from pregnancy to a child’s eighteenth birthday with prompts and enough space to describe special moments, creating a personalised and meaningful story.

WHY: Side stepping garish illustrations and designs, Month of Sundays understand that it will be the adults who enjoy these books initially. The classic design and timeless style will appeal to modern parents and the judges noted that the inside omitted any mention of ‘mummy’, ‘daddy’, ‘mother’ or ‘father’ recognising parenthood as completely inclusive for every family. A beautiful and very ‘Junior’ journal – one to treasure.

A beautiful keepsake. Detail is impeccable and a true reflection on modern parenting.
Fatima Truscott, Journalist and founder of The FT Times Blog
I love the idea of these!
Sam Dean, Beauty Journalist and Brand Copywriter

WHERE: Month of Sundays Journal


WHO: Colour Chronicles

WHAT: A contemporary baby book designed for every baby and their grown up. The Baby Book of You is filled out once a month and is the perfect place to write down memories from babyhood up in a beautiful keepsake journal.

WHY: Besides the beautiful rayon woven cloth bound books in a range of bold colours, we love that this book makes no assumptions about the shape of your family. The Judges also loved the fact that this book doesn’t tell you when firsts ‘should’ happen instead offering thought-provoking questions and prompts like: ‘Who I am to you’, ‘Firsts for this month’ and ‘The cutest things you do’. The Book of You builds a lasting treasury to be looked back on for years to come. A truly beautiful book.

Love the tone of this memory book and how it's designed to be personal to each child and their individual achievements.
Fatima Truscott, Journalist and founder of the FT Times blog
I love the idea of this book - what a treat it would be for any adult to look back on a book like this about them!
Sam Dean, Beauty Journalist and Brand Copywriter

WHERE: Colour Chronicles


WHO: Claude & Co

WHAT: A stunning keepsake handmade linen-bound journal (with gold embossed titles and spine detail no less) that documents those precious memories from pregnancy to five years.

WHY: A sophisticated yet playful book, with illustrations and interesting topics that will appeal to parents. The pages give them the flexibility to fill in as much or as little as they like, taking the pressure off the ‘making a memory book’ concept.  The judges agreed that this truly was a book to treasure and keep.


WHERE: Claude & Co