JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 GOLD WINNER: Best Baby Carrier / Sling Design

WHO: BabyBjorn - One Air


WHAT: A baby carrier designed to offer hours of comfortable carrying, from newborn up to three years with 4 different carrying positions.

WHY: This sturdy but lightweight baby sling impressed our judges with its myriad of practical features designed to give parents a super comfy carrying experience over long periods of time. The extra wide shoulder straps, sturdy waist band and adjustable back strap makes this extremely comfortable for parents while the new mesh design fabric for better ventilation is a benefit for both baby and carer. Our judges particularly liked the sturdy, clip-in fasteners for extra security and the easy to wash, fast drying fabric, which means a quick turn-around if there are any emergency pit-stops.

I like the new mesh design for better ventilation for both wearer & baby. And also the new belt anchors which make it easier to fix at the back. As a non-flexible male I always find the shoulder straps difficult to connect easily so this is great.
Adam Garcia, Film and Stage Actor and Dancer
A fantastic evolution of Baby Bjorn’s already super popular slings. The easy to wash, quick dry fabric will be a huge plus for busy parents on the go.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
This super ergonomic design with secure clips feels like a fantastic upgrade for anyone who likes the freedom of a sling with the reassurance that weight is evenly distributed and shoulders are protected with wide padded straps. Excellent design.
Ellie Crompton, Contributing Editor Junior

WHERE: BabyBjorn



WHO: Integra Baby

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WHAT: An Ergonomic baby carrier for use from birth to toddler

WHY: This is the baby sling with personality! Our judges loved this lightweight sturdy design that comes in a myriad of different prints and colours so that you choose a sling that complements your own style perfectly. From rainbow stripes to subtle tweeds there’s something for everyone and the brand often works on limited edition design collaborations that sell out very fast! The panel were also impressed with the simple and easy to use design of these slings which feel soft to the touch but super sturdy and comfortable. This Somerset-made brand’s commitment to keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum and respecting the environment also impressed.

This is a lovely uncomplicated sling that is super easy to put on, comfortable, easy to wash and easy to fold down and store. I love the amazing prints available especially the Ali Dover collaboration with a Welsh Blanket feel.
Ellie Crompton, Junior Contributing Editor
Fabulous! I can really see people getting excited about the cool prints that lift these slings out of the crowd.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Pretty easy to get on & happily uncomplicated in that regard. Strong stitching & sturdy fabric. Simple and neat and a nice pattern that gives the piece some life.
Adam Garcia, Actor @thatadamgarcia

WHERE: Integra Baby

love radius


WHO: Love Radius (by Je Porte Mon Bébé)

WHAT: A baby carrier for all seasons featuring a ventilation pocket and designed to meet baby’s physiological needs.

WHY: Our judges loved the look and feel of this carrier that has so many benefits in terms of comfort for the passenger and the wearer! 4 years in development, this sling is incredibly well thought out, can be adapted to all body shapes and can carry babies from birth up to 20kg. The wide padded shoulder straps and cummerbund style waist fastener give the wearer a sense of comfort and security over long periods and our panel were super impressed with the option of opening a flap on the baby’s back to help regulate temperature making it suitable for year round use. The fact that breastfeeding is also possible while wearing this sling impressed the panel.

This is such a cool contemporary sling with fantastic features that will upgrade the carrying experience for both babies and parents.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Exceedingly efficient. Love the ‘air’ flap and the compact storing ability. Really well thought out and comfortable to wear.
Adam Garcia, Film & Stage Actor and Dancer @thatadamgarcia
A stylish and super functional sling that parents will be proud to carry. A very chic and robust design that will be handed down through many babies.
Ellie Crompton, Contributing Editor, Junior

WHERE: Love Radius

mama hangs

JUNIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 BRONZE WINNER: Best Baby Carrier / Sling Design

WHO: Mama Hangs - Carry & Pack

WHAT: A compact stretch fabric sling that folds down into an easy to store pouch. Suitable from newborn to 18 months which can be adapted for breastfeeding

WHY: Our judges felt this was a real game changer for parents who like to travel light. Combining the comfort and flexibility of a scarf style sling with a more structured baby carrier, CARRY & PACK gives you the best of both worlds with the added bonus that when the sling isn’t being worn it can be folded down into a small pocket that’s built into the sling. This is baby wearing at its most comfortable and easy with the sense that you have simply tucked your baby into a gorgeous soft pouch within your own clothing. The panel really liked how simple this was to wear and how it enables the closest possible, continuous connection with your baby. The commitment to using GOTS-certified cotton also impressed the judges.

This looks like a super comfy option for both baby and parents and I love the fact that it enables skin-to-skin contact in such a lovely cocooning way.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
I really wanted to use a continuous swathe of fabric to carry my babies in when they were little but I literally tied myself in knots! This looks as though it provides the easy comfort of stretchy fabric with the security of a little structure. A brilliant design. So easy to put on and to put your child in and it feels secure. Really functional, effective and although seemingly simple in design it is fantastically put together.
Adam Garcia, Actor @thatadamgarcia

WHERE: Mama Hangs