Just Landed: Zara SS20 Happy Days Collection

One day soon we're going to hit that diner and see all our friends in these gorgeous clothes...

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Sunday, Monday Happy Days, Tuesday, Wednesday Happy Days…


Anyone old enough to remember the Iconic 70’s/80’s sit-com Happy Days, will know exactly what kind of vibe the Zara Kids fashion team were going for with this joyful selection of 50’s inspired knits, dresses, board shorts and college jackets. Those heady days of goofing about with Joanie, Richie and Chachi at the diner are brought to life with this beautiful collection of preppy separates and accessories with a twist – that being that these clothes are rich with detail, embellishment and most of all a huge sense of fun. The Fonz would definitely approve.

PS For anyone who hasn’t seen Happy Days, we can definitely recommend whiling away a few hours watching episodes on YouTube!


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Blank 740 x 1110 copy copy copy 2
Blank 740 x 1110 copy copy (1) copy
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