Junior have just been treated to a preview of Alesha Dixon's new kidswear collection for George at Asda and we're seriously impressed. We love the idea of grabbing clothes for the kids at the supermarket but sometimes the pieces on offer don't always "grab" us and look as though they might not last a season let alone become hand-me-downs.


This collection however, is incredibly well thought out and has all the hallmarks of a brand designed by a mother - a very stylish mother - who knows exactly what kids want to wear, what's practical for playing in and what parents want to dress their kids in. In short, she's nailed it - it's a YES from us!

Alesha Dixon x George - Camo Jacket £12, Camo Romper and Hat Set £12 (2) copy

Junior Chats with Alesha Dixon about the Launch of her New Kidswear Collection

Read more as we caught up with Alesha ahead of her debut fashion collection with George at Asda to chat fashion, family catchphrases and parenting...

What were your first thoughts when Asda asked you to design your own kid’s collection?

That it was a dream come true really. I had always wanted to design a kids collection and when they approached me it was the perfect time. The reputation that George at Asda has is so great and the fit and the quality is just beautiful and when I met with the design team and we were all so on the same page I knew that it would be fantastic working together. I like the fact that that we’ve done something a little bit different that George hasn’t done before.

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What was your favourite outfit when you were a kid?

I had a reversible Mini Mouse jumper and if you saw me you would see me in that! I loved it. I used to wear it with pink cords - that was my absolute favourite outfit.

While we're on the topic of childhood, was your favourite book?

Judy Blume - probably 'Are You There God? It’s me, Margeret.' That's such a classic and I read that again and again. I really liked Judy Blume because she was a bit different there was a bit of edge, oh and the BFG - loved that one!

Are You There God It's Me Margaret by Judy Blume and the BFG by Roald Dahl - two of Alesha's all time favourite childhood reads

What do you read to your own children?

Lots of different types of books but at the moment Azura and I are reading Bold Women in Black History. Every night we pick a different person to read about and she is really enjoying that. I love the fact that it’s educational but it’s really fun too. Azura’s very inquisitive so it’s perfect for her.

little leaders
Bold Women In Black History by Vashti Harrison

What was the most important aspect of the collection for you?

The first thing I wanted to do was think about what the overriding theme of the collection was. Anyone that knows me, knows me well, knows that although I'm always in dresses on TV, I spend most of my time in tracksuits and trainers but with a cool feel. There are definitely ways of making casual clothes look chic and that's my thing. Clothes that are gender fluid, comfy to play in and look good were my main goals for the range. I think from the moment I had Azura, I was looking for pieces that really felt like little versions of what I would like to wear and this was my chance to make that happen.

alesha army
Alesha's daughter Azura models a camouflage co-ord set from the collection. Alesha told us, "Azura came alive when she put this on - it's amazing how clothes can affect mood, especially for kids."
alesha boy
That the collection should be gender fluid was very important to Alesha. We love this paint spot two-piece that is perfect for playing in.

What was the inspiration for the collection?

Panda’s are Anaya’s favourite animal so they feature and there are lots of our family mantras and sayings that we use at home. From the very first day we sent Azura off to school, something I have always said to her every morning is Be strong, be brave be kind, so that had to feature.

alesha panda dress
Pandas are Alesha's daughter Anaya's favourite animal. We love the drop waist, full sleeves and gathered cuffs on this dress.

What about the word 'Steez'? We haven’t heard that before...

Lots of laughter. Oh that’s a word that my husband and I use quite a lot. It basically means sense of style. It’s in the dictionary it really is! We’ll say, "Hey, do you like my steez?" and it’s a bit of fun. Azura made me laugh the other day when I put her in one of the Steez t-shirts and she said Mum, why do you have to put Steez on everything?!

alesha x george
Do you like my steez? We do! We do!

What are you most looking forward to doing when lockdown is over?

Oh going out! Going dancing, going to a club and just really having a great night out. I don’t need to do that regularly, I just need to do that at least once, to really feel that connection with people to hear brilliant music! I can't wait!

What about holidays? Where are you most looking forward to going as a family when we can finally travel?

LA is where I’m really looking forward to taking the kids again. It’s a great place to take the girls because I can get a bit of work done and there’s so much for them to do out there. There’s Disney Land, there’s the beaches, walking on pier. It feels like a proper holiday.

Alesha Dixon x George Strong Brave Set from £8
Alesha's family mantra: Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Kind, Have Fun.
alesha blue
Another beautifully cut tracksuit. The attention to detail is fantastic.

> This is Alesha Dixon's first childrenswear collection exclusively for George at Asda, featuring bold, uplifting and gender-fluid pieces for boys and girls from 2 – 10 years old.The 34-pieces launch from April 12th, including footwear and accessories as well as rompersuits, jackets, sweats and dresses. See full collection at George at Asda

  • Available online and in selected stores
  • Prices from £5 – £13
  • All cotton is responsibly sourced and BCI approved
  • Alesha co-designed the collection with the brand’s in-house Head of Design, Natalie Cutler and Buying Manager, Emma Edwards.