Prepare for eye candy, lots of brightly coloured, delicious eye candy! H&M have just dropped their much anticipated children's clothing collaboration with celebrated Jacarta-based artist Martcellia Liunic and it's everything we dreamed it would be...


Famous for her brightly coloured whimsical, doodle-like illustrations, Liunic hasn't held back on this super fresh Summer collection, which is packed full of beautifully thought out basics decorated with a carnival of brush strokes and the artist's signature friendly faces. The range includes t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, skirts, dresses, and joggers, plus hats, bags, and socks - everything you need for a completely colour saturated wardrobe! The collection is available for babies (online only) and kids to the age of 14 and older.

Putting ethical production at the fore, the collection is made using innovative and more sustainable print techniques that have a lower environmental impact. One of the techniques is digital printing, which consumes less water, less energy and less chemicals than traditional printing. Each piece has also been crafted from at least 50% sustainably sourced materials. There is also a wide range of trainers in the collection, including some made with Bananatex ®, , an innovative fabric made purely from banana plants.

With this collection, we want to embrace fun prints, vibrant colours, and fresh designs. Martcellia Liunic’s illustrations are such a glorious complement, especially as we also want to inspire kids to feel free when expressing themselves, carrying joy and creativity into everyday life! We’re proud to bring more innovative printing techniques to the fore — making each piece a bright way to start the season
Sofia Löfstedt, Head of Kidswear Design at H&M

We love the fact that there really is something for everyone in this collection and that kids from tiny babies to cool teens can dip into this rainbow celebration of positivity. We think we might need a tote...

Motif-detail sweatshirt, £9.99, Liunic x H&M
2-piece patterned set, £17.99, Liunic X H&M
2-piece patterned set £17.99, Liunic X H&M
Jacket, €19.99, Liunic X H&M Coming soon
Sunglasses and case, £9.99, Liunic X H&M
Printed T-shirt, £7.99, Liunic X H&M
Sweatshirt, £14.99 Liunic X H&M Coming Soon
Hooded Sweatshirt, €24,99, Liunic X H&M Coming Soon