Abercrombie Kids’ flagship UK store opens in London

We paid a visit to the latest American fashion import, at the former home of the Beatles' music label

Abercrombie Kids' flagship UK store opens in London

American fashion label, Abercrombie & Fitch, has opened it’s flagship UK kids’ store.


Opening it’s doors in the summer, the store is located at 3 Saville Row, London, opposite the adult branch. Both are unassuming from the exterior and belie the beauty of what lies within.

Although it is perfectly polished, Abercrombie is no shiny, bright, American superstore. The brand is known for it’s dark and atmospheric lighting, it’s elegant, dark wood design and pungent perfume aromas. And 3 Saville Row comes with all of the above, along with the coup of being the former home of Apple Records – the Beatles’ record label. As well as recording some of the most iconic music at the location, thy also held their last ever public performance on the rooftop.

This alone is a great draw for Beatles fans (there’s a guitar signed by Sir Paul McCartney in a glass case) as well as keen shoppers. Fans of the brand will be familiar with the quality sweat trousers and jumpers, checked shirts for boys and fantastic parka style outerwear and denim jeans for both. But there are lots of unexpected delights to be found in this treasure trove of a three-storey shop.

The beautiful chandelier room for girls is stunning, and provides the perfect backdrop for some truly elegant pieces. The shaggy faux fur gilet and coat and sequin ballet dresses are hard to resist. At the top of the shop, there is an edgy collection of black and white designed pieces for girls – a new direction for the brand who don’t normally design with black. The girlswear runs up the rooms at the front of the store, and the boys are in the back. Plush, and rather large, changing rooms are made for parading new outfits.

Abercrombie Kids' flagship UK store opens in London

For boys, the camouflage tops and jumpers and funky print pyjamas and pants are brilliant staple wardrobe pieces for the season. Don’t underestimate the range available. Abercrombie is a brand that caters for boys and girls equally – both with an injection of cool design and high quality.

3 Saville Row has been restored in conjunction with English Heritage, and has been done beautifully – from the wood panelling to the fine art paintings all the way up the stairs. Shopping here is a real treat. And when you are shopped out, there is a fabulous armchair area surrounded by all the Beatles memorabilia. So you can take a break while the kids enjoy exploring the store. You just can’t help but wonder about all the sights and sounds these walls have seen and heard…

Can’t make it to the store? Shop the Abercrombie Kids collection online


Did you know… Abercrombie held a shopping event at the store in November 2014 to celebrate it’s opening and to donate £25,000 to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.