Five Ways To Teach Children Colours

Help your child master the colours of the rainbow with these quick tips

Five Ways To Teach Colours

1. Use props
While it may be difficult for a young child to grasp the concept of colours in an abstract sense, relating them back to everyday objects should help to drive the message home. Fruit works well with vibrant green apples, yellow bananas, red tomatoes and of course orange oranges!


2. Read a book
Leafing through the pages of an art book with your child is not only enjoyable, but will stimulate her creative learning. Colour by Ella Doran would be a great starting point.

3. Go for a walk
Whether you see the rusty hues of autumn leaves or the vibrant yellow of a spring daffodil, a wealth of beautiful colours are all around us in nature. Take your child for a walk through your garden or local park and see how many colours you can spot together.

4. Keep it simple
Begin by teaching only black, white and the primary colours while your child gets used to the concept, then slowly introduce shades and patterns. Trying to explain the complexities of turquoise or the difference between mauve and violet to a three year old will probably both bore and bamboozle her.


5. Take it one step at a time
Have an ongoing “colour of the week” scheme where each week you wear clothes, cook food and draw pictures using a shade of your choice. Try having a little recap each week on the previous colour to test your child’s learning.