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Five great books for Starting School

Five fabulous books to boost your child's confidence and familiarise her with the new school routine

Five great books for Starting School

Starting School by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, £5.25

First published in 1990, this classic picture book by well-loved husband and wife team Janet and Allan Ahlberg is filled with eager young pupils learning all the new and exciting rituals and routines associated with Big School. From hanging your coat on a peg with your name on to sitting cross-legged for class circle time, this is the perfect way to reassure and familiarise your preschoolers with all the thrilling days that lie ahead.


I Am Too Absolutely Small for School (Charlie and Lola) by Lauren Child, £5.99

Loveable Lola is in her inimitable fiesty mood as she points out the multitude of reasons why she can’t possibly go to school. Charlie, in his own masterfully persuasive manner, manages to convince her that actually school is going to be a great adventure. A lively and contemporary take on starting school, filled with Child’s signature style and joie de vivre. The only downside might be Lola’s distaste at the thought of having to wear a “schoolifom” (her school actually doesn’t have one), which might put a downer on a child who does have to wear regulation kit. Nonetheless, a delightful winner!

Lucy & Tom at School by Shirley Hughes, £5.94

Shirley Hughes’ beautiful illustrations always bring a touch of magic to the otherwise ordinary realities of life. This warm and humorous book shows how exciting the first day of school can be, with all the shiny new equipment required, new surroundings, new toys to play with, and not forgetting, new friends to make.

Going to School by Rose Blake, from £6.99

This bright and beautiful book follows a little girl as she weaves her way through her busy school day. Rose Blake’s detailed and immersive illustrations are a great introduction to the typical structure of a school timetable and the surroundings little children will find themselves in. A real conversation starter for any children who are a little daunted by what’s to come next.

All You Need to Know Before You Start School Board book, £9.99

Featuring the the sweetest drawings that show five animal friends as they start school, this gorgeous book couldn’t be a more gentle introduction to life after nursery. From getting dressed in the morning to learning about colours, numbers and the seasons, this is a lovely window into what children can expect when they become school girls and boys.


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