6 of the finest educational magazines for children

We've gone beyond the newsstands to discover some beautiful and enthralling magazines for 3-12 year olds


While there are lots of brilliant (and educational) apps for inquisitive minds, nothing compares to the crisp smell of a beautiful (and collectable) printed magazine to keep on your bookshelf.


Forget TV tie-ins and plastic covermounts, these gorgeous titles celebrate literature, fine illustrations, creativity and brain boosting….


1. The Caterpillar

Age: 7-11 year olds

Subscription: 6 Euros per issue

Self-billed as ‘stories, poems and art, The Caterpillar is a beautifully designed quarterly magazine featuring fascinating prose plus a children’s story writing competition for adults. You might know its sister publication, The Moth, for adults.

>> Find out more at The Caterpillar’s website


2. Scoop

Age: 8-12 year olds

Subscription: £39 for 12 months

A brand new monthly literary magazine for children, with the first issue out this month. Scoop aims to get children excited about the written word through short stories, poetry, graphic fiction, puzzles and jokes. It also features non-fiction – from history, and art to the unexplained and will feature work from some of the world’s most prominent children’s writers and illustrators, including Neil Gaiman and Eoin Colfer.

>> Find out more at The Scoop website


3. Anorak

Age: 6 years+

Subscription: £42 for 8 issues

Billed The Happy Mag for Kids, this quarterly themed publication has been going for 10 years. Themes are ‘inspired by the British National Curriculum’, the illustrated stories, games and activities aim to encourage creativity.

>> You can buy back issues online at Anorak’s website


4. Okido

Age: 3-8 year olds

Subscription: £19.99 for 6 issues (direct debit)

Okido magazine is designed to spark interest in science and art. Published every two months, it has beautiful graphics and brightly-coloured pages packed with things to draw, do and play – with lots of little humorous games and doodles.

>> Visit Okido’s website for more info


5. Aquila Magazine

Age: 8-12 year olds

Subscription: £50 for 12 months

Aquila blends science, maths and history, focusing on a single theme per monthly issue. For example, the recent Roald Dahl issue featured how to make lickable wallpaper, the witches of Pendle Hill and orphans in literature. It’s also packed with quizzes and mini-projects.

>> Find out what the next issue will be about at Aqulia’s website


6. Storytime

Age: 3 years+

Subscription: £33.99 for 12 issues

“No adverts” Storytime trumpets on the cover. Instead it delivers gorgeous stories and poetry, along with puzzles and art. The issues even arrive at your house in a special envelope.


>> Find out more at Storytime’s website