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Postcard from Kenya

Take a trip to Eastern Africa

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Where? The desert sands of northern Kenya’s magnificent Samburu region.

Why go there? It includes two National Reserves, home to a wide variety of animal and bird life, including lions, elephants and giraffes.

Children will love... Safari drives, camel rides and visits to colourful Samburu settlements.

Parents will love... The markets, which sell gorgeous jewellery, tribal masks, and beautifully patterned kangas (skirts) and kikois (sarongs).

Stay at… Sasaab Yoga Retreat (February 11–18 2012) and do yoga classes while your children enjoy activities like nature trails and making plaster casts of animal prints. From £11,760 for a family of four including flights, meals, yoga and various activities. 

Find out more about another great trip to the Samburu region in Awesome Africa. And if you can't make it to Kenya what about a safari in Bedfordshire?

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