How to wash your child’s hair

Eight handy hints for tip-top hair washing

  • There’s no need to wash your tiny baby’s hair with shampoo. Holding her securely, place your hand firmly behind her head and, making lots of reassuring eye-to-eye contact, rinse her scalp with warm water.
  • Try a shampoo that is specifically aimed at children’s hair, most of which are formulated to cleanse without stinging their eyes.
  • Give older toddlers a folded facecloth to hold over their eyes – but be warned, many small children don’t like the idea of being blindfolded, so this might not work.
  • Wash your child’s hair at a time of the day when she is alert and happy. So just before bed is not necessarily the best time.
  • Keep hair washing time short and sweet. Long hair means longer washing (and even longer combing out – mercy!) so a trip to the hairdresser might be called for.
  • If hair washing really becomes an issue with your child, try sponging out sticky bits or brushing with a damp brush instead for now.
  • Try role play, such as being washed at the sink just like Mummy at the hairdresser. Slip a towel under her neck, get some especially lovely shampoo and make pleasant chit chat.
  • Make hair washing fun and encourage some shampoo hair sculpting. Have a mirror handy to admire the quiffs and spiky punk hairstyles you create. Teach your child to check if her hair is clean by rubbing it between her fingers to create that squeaky sound.