10 stress-busting apps for parents

From making mornings run like clockwork to finding a last minute babysitter for date night, these apps make family life that little bit easier

10 stress-busting apps for parents

Where would we be without our phones permanently attached to our hands? We may worry about the time we spend on them but, they are there for the god things in life too! Like these parenting apps that will save your sanity and get you out of a tight spot. You can thank us later (or, send us a text!)


10 Stress-Busting Apps for Parents

To keep in touch with family…

Share photos and videos of your child with loved ones all the over the world while still keeping them private (and without baby spamming your social media) by using BackThen Family & Baby.  The app keeps them in a dated timeline and access is by invite only. You can also order prints and photobooks. A great way to keep family feeling involved day to day.

>> Free, iOS and Android, BackThen Family & Baby

To make mornings run like clockwork

The name means ‘good morning’ in Japanese and Ohayo is designed to keep your morning routine on track, scheduling time for essential jobs as well as a relaxing breakfast and even playtime. The predictability is supposed to make children happier and the timings ensure they don’t dawdle.

>> Free, iOS, ohayoapp.com

The Ohayo app helps you to time manage your morning tasks
The Ohayo app helps you to time manage your morning tasks

To keep a break-up amicable…

The app 2houses allows separated parents to keep track of their child’s schedule, childcare arrangements, finances and key information to make co-parenting run more smoothly, even in difficult circumstances. The app has a function to share photos, videos and news too.

> From £8.25 per month per family, iOS and Android, 2houses.com

To remember your shopping list…

Doing exactly what it says on the tin (or, carton!) – this smart app is a to-do list and reminder tool all rolled into one. Forget writing your to-do lists on sticky notes, backs of envelopes, random or the back of your hand. We’ve all been in those situations where we’ve forgotten an ingredient at the supermarket or not called the school back – not anymore!  Plus you can sync it across devices/smart watches to ensure you never forget the milk again!

>> Free, iOs and Android, rememberthemilk

To keep loneliness at bay…

Not a fan of your NCT group? Mush will connect you with like-minded mums in your local area when you need adult company and offers useful parenting guides, forums and a marketplace for secondhand baby gear.

>> Free, iOS and Android, letsmush.com

To stay organised…

Forget about scribbled notes and calendars that no one reads. Cozi is a one-stop family organiser that keeps all your reminders and engagements in one place. Offer to-do, shopping and packing list functions, plus a recipe and meal planner, shared schedule and a chores reminder, all shared between family members.

>> Free, iOS and Android, cozi.com

To never miss a thank you…

Avoid offending that elderly aunt or one of the school mums with Who Gave Me What, an app that keeps track of gifts received by your child. You can list the presents, the giver, the occasion and whether you’ve sent a thank you yet. Also has the option to add photos to prompt your memory and to send automated messages.

>> £1.99 iOS, whogavemewhat.com

Who Gave Me What has a photo function to jog your memory
Who Gave Me What has a photo function to jog your memory

To share the lift load…

Set up a carpool with other parents using GoKid, so that lifts to school, for sports team and to clubs and classes are shared amongst you. Helps you keep track of who is picking up which children and when, and includes route planners, mapping and notifications.

>> Free, iOS, gokid.mobi

To arrange childcare you can trust…

No one free to babysit tonight? Bubble lets you find sitters recommended by friends, each one vetted and security checked by the company. You can even pay them within the app.

>> Free, iOS and Android, joinbubble.com

To keep on top of chores…

Never need to nag again with Homey, a chore planner that schedules household tasks for kids (and adults), offers reminders and give rewards on completion. Has the added bonus of teaching children the value of money and work, as they can see progress towards a particular incentive.

>>  $4.99 per month, or $49.99 annually, iOS and Android, homeyapp.net

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