10 of the most fascinating toddler facts

From bedtime fears to sensitive ears, a lot goes on in those formative years.

10 of the most fascinating toddler facts
  1. Toddlers are instinctively attracted to shapes that resemble the human face, hence your child’s love of squishy circular playthings.
  2. Even early friendships have their ups and downs – it is around the 18 month mark that toddlers begin to have altercations with their peers.
  3. It is not just fussiness that stops your child clearing her plate at dinner, a toddler’s stomach is usually only the size of a small fist.
  4. If bedtime is a battle with your toddler, you are not alone: 75 per cent of children under five experience some kind of sleep problem.
  5. A two year old child is generally more active than at any other point in their life which explains why it is so exhausting running around after them!
  6. It is no surprise that your child dislikes loud bangs and fireworks; a toddler’s brand new ears are far better at picking up higher frequencies than the average adult.
  7. Despite being fussy eaters, most toddlers will try to take a chunk out of your finger at some point: The biting stage peaks at around three years old.
  8. Whilst we may rely on ‘word of the day’ apps, the average two year old manages to add around five new words to their vocabulary every day.
  9. Your child was born with around 100 billion brain cells which in the toddler years form networks in the brain that allow her to develop memory and think for herself.
  10. By the age of three, your toddler will have developed around 1,000 trillion connections between the cells in her brain, which is around twice as many as the average adult!