What DO I need to to pack when travelling with children?

Forget the kitchen sink, by all means - but at your peril, forget these essentials bits and pieces

What DO I need to to pack when travelling with children?

What you can carry on a plane depends on the current security rules, but either way, here’s a quick list of essentials for hand or checked luggage, when travelling with children:

  • Nappies and wipes for two days
  • Cartons of drink/formula and snacks
  • Crayons and books
  • Small toys
  • Sunhats
  • Swim nappies
  • UV protection suits and fold-away UV tent
  • Insect repellent
  • Universal bath plug
  • Adaptor
  • Camera and spare batteries/memory cards/ chargers
  • Baby alarm/monitor
  • Rubber door-stops
  • Rubber shoes for paddling
  • Folding booster seat
  • First aid kit – Calpol (infant paracetamol) in sachets so it doesn’t leak; homeopathic remedies, lavender oil (it’s multipurpose for healing and soothing)
  • Portable DVD player/iPod/ Bluetooth speakers
  • iPad/ Tablet/Kindle
  • Travel Wash
  • Sarongs and pashminas – both have multiple uses
  • The lightest possible buggy

And now, for what not to pack… there’s really no need to load yourself up with the following:

  • Inflatable beach toys, buckets and spades – buy them when you get there
  • Too many nappies – ditto
  • Bananas – will go black and squishy on the plane
  • Toys with small parts – they’ll get lost under the seat and you’ll end up in an inelegant scrambling and with inconsolable child in tears
  • Noisy toys – they’ll drive you and fellow passengers to distraction. Bring headphones if possible so games can be enjoyed in virtual silence!
  • Anything disposable that you can buy or borrow on holiday.