9 of the best sledges and toboggans

Ensure the kids have lots of fun this winter with these super stylish and cool snow toys

9 of the best sledges and toboggans

In Northern Canada in the early 1800s the simple sled (a couple of boards with a bend at the front) were used to carry people and goods. Late that century it was realised how much fun could be had with a simple sleds come snowfall – or, tobogganing down slopes as we know it today.


Traditional toboggans are made of wood, complete with runners, seat and a thin rope for stability and rudimentary steering. More modern versions are made from plastic or aluminium – and ensure hours of fun. Here’s a few of our favourites…

9 of the best sledges and toboggans

1. Bump Skid

This dinky derriere-shaped sledge would be a good option for very young children with its easy break function (digging heels in over the sides!) cute smiley-face handle and portable size. Age: 3 years+

Bump Skid Sledge £6.99

2. Air Disk

A funky modern snow-surfer in hypnotic candy-swirl design. Children are advised to hold on tight to this foam saucer’s sturdy handles and enjoy the ride. Caution and adult supervision are advised – this baby goes fast! Age: 6 years +

Snowboogie Air Disk, £16.99

3. Inflatable Sledge

What’s black and white and fun all over? Why it’s an inflatable polar bear sledge! The cute waddling chappie has practical handles to hold on to and is perfect for easy storage and travel. Age: 8 years +

Polar Bear Snow Tube £19.99

4. Baby Snow Sledge

Perfect for toddlers who want to join in sledging and ideal on gentler slopes. Fitted with a safety harness, tots are strapped in securely in and with a leash (stowable in a compartment) you can safely control direction and speed of descent. Age: 2 years+

Baby Bobee Bob Snow Sledge £19.99

5. Falcon Sledge

A bright, bold basic made of super-light materials to help your child whizz along with ease. The simple design and keen price point make this the perfect starter buy for beginner snow-bunnies. Age: 4 years +

Delta Red Falcon Sledge £9.95

6. Mini Luge

This funky little racer is a bit like the Porsche of the sledding sphere – nifty, sleek and eye-catching to boot. The little lever should make steering a breeze while stopping is as easy as dropping your heels. Age: 5 years +

Zipfy Mini Luge Sled £54

7. Snow Scooter

What snowboarding is to skiing – younger, slicker, hipper – this cool scooter is to the traditional sledge. The footrest has handy non-slip grips and the hinged handle offers ease of steering for the serious young sledge. Age: 5+

Extreme Freestyler Snow Scooter £25

8. Wooden Toboggan

If you want the ultimate sledge design classic – it has to be this. Traditional techniques bend the ash wood to give the trademark swoop at the front, and with metal runners it’ll fly, too. It’s just over a metre long and can take a weight of up to 200kg – enough room for the whole family. Age: 5 years+ (with supervision)

‘Davos’ Toboggan £258

9. Snow Max Sledge

With a strong blow-moulded construction, robust steel brakes with rubber handles and a pull cord this sledge will ensure your youngster looks like a pro when they hit the slopes. Age: 3 years+


Rally Toys Snow Max Sledge £69.99