Traffic light children’s ice lollies recipe

  • makes 8 lollies
  • Easy

Vividly coloured and deliciously fruity, these ice lollies taste as good as they look - and you won't be able to STOP to children devouring them

Traffic light children's ice lollies

If you decide to make them when clementines are in season, use clementine juice instead of orange juice as children prefer its sweeter flavour. If you make your own fruit juices, strawberry or raspberry could replace the cranberry.


  • Orange juice 300ml
  • Cranberry juice 300ml


  • Step 1

    Half fill eight 75ml (21/2 fl oz) moulds with the orange juice. Freeze until the juice is almost solid. Push in the lolly sticks and top with the cranberry juice. Put in the freezer until frozen solid before removing from the moulds.


Traffic light children's ice lollies

Adapted from Healthy Juices For Healthy Kids by Wendy Sweetser (New Holland).