Junior Meets Sunuva founders Sabrina and Emily

We caught up with Sabrina Jagger and Emily Cohen of Sunuva as they get set to launch a young teen collection

Published: February 27, 2018 at 9:00 am

Since it's launch in 2017 Sunuva has been the forerunner in stylish swimwear and accessories for kids - but besides the stunning designs the most important factor has always been that each piece is made with the highest quality UPF 50+ fabric that blocks out 97% of the suns harmful rays.


Loved by parents when holidaying with babies and toddlers its been the launch of a mini me adult collection and now, a new young teen range that is making this global brand a difinitive force to be reckoned with.

We caught up with the founders, friends and business partners Sabrina Jagger and Emily Cohen.

Junior Meets Sunuva founders Sabrina and Emily | 5 Minute Chats
Sabrina Jagger and Emily Cohen, founders of Sunuva

Hello ladies, please tell us about yourself and your family?

SABRINA: I have four kids aged 12 – 16 (3 boys and a girl, no twins!) so life is pretty hectic juggling the family with work. We are all a bit sport mad, and as I’m sure many parents can relate, I spend my weekends ferrying the kids to various matches and sports training - whilst trying to fit a bit in myself! I’m a very keen skier and as well as the beach, I love adventure travel which is also a very bonding experience with the family.

EMILY: I have 2 kids, my son is turning 13 and my daughter will soon be 11. Holidays are probably the most important thing on the family agenda for us as its proper quality time which we don’t have during term time, especially as a working mum. We love to try new places each year, and adventure is very much the name of the game for us. I love the country side; we have a small barn in the Cotswolds which I really enjoy with the kids and their friends. It’s all about long dog walks, growing veg, and not caring at all about what you look like.

How did you both meet and come to launch Sunuva?

SABRINA: We were introduced by two of our kids by the pool on holiday. They recognised each other from nursery, whilst we had never met because we always used to drop off our kids and run to work! With six kids between us, and recognising the importance of protecting young skin from the harmful rays of the sun, we were unable to find any attractive UV protective swimwear. So, our poolside chats developed into the creation of Sunuva to fill the gap and our collection has now grown to include everything that you need for your kids sunny holiday wardrobe.

8BJunior Meets Sunuva founders Sabrina and Emily | 5 Minute Chats

What makes Sunuva so unique to the swimwear market?

SABRINA: For Sunuva, kids swimwear and beachwear is not an ‘addition’ to an adult brand, or an extension of a clothing brand, it is all that we do, all year round.

We are the only clothing brand to be validated by the British Skin Foundation and we have now extended our range to cover babies and teen. As mothers, everything that we produce has been tried and tested on our kids and all our prints are exclusive to Sunuva, having been developed in house.

We really are experts in what we do.

You’ve just launched Sunuva Young Teen – tell us about this and how you came to identity this gap in the market?

EMILY: Both Sabrina and I now have daughters who are in the young teen category, my daughter is turning 11 and her daughter is turning 13. As the kids have got older their styles and fashion taste changes, by 10 years they tend to want something a bit ‘cooler’ and more grown up.

The boys seems to want less prints, more colour blocking and plain styles, less placements and more grown up styles. So, our kids as they have grown has really been the inspiration for coming up with age appropriate swim and beach wear for both girls and boys from 9 – 14 years.

Junior Meets Sunuva founders Sabrina and Emily | 5 Minute Chats

Besides a Sunuva suit (of course!) what else is essential holiday packing for your kids?


EMILY: Roche Possay skin protection creams and oils are brilliant and long lasting; my kids have never burnt with these products. Plenty of good reading books, swimming goggles and a back pack for day trips and plane journeys - one for each of them!

>> The Sunuva Young Teen Collection is available now - for more information visit Sunuva


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