How to buy and eat with the seasons

Five of the tastiest foods for every season - and how to enjoy them

How to buy and eat with the seasons

Here are some quick and simple ideas on how to shop and cook with the seasons when fruits and vegetables are at there best and most plentiful – perfect family lunches and suppers to have up your sleeve al year round.



Asparagus Try it steamed in pasta
Cherries A treat in packed lunches
New potatoes Boil and serve with a little butter and chopped herbs
Purple sprouting broccoli Stir-fry with soy sauce and sesame seeds
Rhubarb Delicious in crumble


Blueberries Never better than in a pie
Courgettes Grate in ribbons and add to a str-fry
Peas Try cooked in stock with spring onion and a little shredded lettuce
Strawberries Delicious with shortbread and cream
Tomatoes With salt, pepper and a really good olive oil


Brussel sprouts Never the same once you have tried them in a lovely creamy gratin
Beetroot Tastes brilliant with salty feta
Butternut Squash Turn it into a delicious soup
Figs Try them pureed with some cinnamon rice
Wild mushrooms Grilled on toast



Cauliflower Classic cauliflower cheese
Leeks Delicious in a gratin with ham and cheese
Parsnips Roasted with honey
Pomegranate Juice or use the seeds in winter salads
Swede Mashed with bacon and cream