Five of the best ways to food shop ethically

Cut down on your family's waste, improve their general health and change bad habits by shopping ethically

Five of the best ways to shop for food, ethically

1. Cut down on meat and dairy  
The Government’s Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) says that doing so reduces greenhouse gas emissions, slows the rate of deforestation and frees up vital water resources.


2. Eat organic
Organic food is produced with respect for wildlife and the environment. So look out for foods certified by the Organic Farmers & Growers or the Soil Association.

3. Limit processed food
This will be better for your child’s general health and it cuts greenhouse gas emissions from the energy-intense production and packaging of processed foods.

4. Curb waste
Planning meals and writing specific shopping lists will help you buy what your family actually eats, without buying unnecessary items.


5. Change your shopping habits
Leave the car at home and go to the shops on foot or shop on the internet to reduce your carbon footprint.