A letter from children’s author Allan Ahlberg

A Junior writer ecently rediscovered replies to letters she wrote, as a child, to world-renowned children's authors. Here, in the first of the series, is an entertaining reply from Allan Ahlberg...

A letter of note from children's author

Allan Ahlberg and his wife, Janet, together created some of the world’s most popular children’s books. Recalling any one of their books, Peepo, Each Peach Pear Plum or The Jolly Postman, is bound to induce an overwhleming sense of nostalgia in any parent. The classic Peepo book features in our Top 100 Children’s Books list. And the Ahlberg’s reinterpretation of the tale of Goldilocks won the Junior Design Award 2013 for Best Classic Book.


Re-reading this entertaining letter from Allan makes us want to unearth our copy of The Jolly Postman and snuggle up by the fire for a guaranteed good read. In case you haven’t read Ahlberg’s, Heard it in the Playground, a collection of poetry and songs, The Longest Kiss Contest is a poem within it – hence the question about ‘kissing’ asked by our rather inquisitive Junior writer, Catherine…

A letter of note from children's author, Allan Ahlberg

Why not encourage your children to write with questions to their favourite authors? It makes a great alternative to digital entertainment, expands an inquisitive nature and can help with handwriting skills. Plus, receiving a reply via post is very exciting indeed.


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