5 great reasons to see The Incredibles 2

Find out why The Incredibles 2 is the superhero flick all the family will want to watch


No one knew how popular the first Incredibles movie was going to be when it was released back in 2004. Now, 14 years later, the highly-anticipated sequel has finally hit the cinemas and people are flocking to see it. Think that’s an exaggeration? Not at all, in the two weeks since it’s been released The Incredibles 2 has already become the biggest opening of all time for an animated film, taking over $500 million worldwide at the box office!


One word of caution, the film does contain bright and flashing images, so if you or someone you’re going to the movie with has epilepsy, it’s worth noting that there’s a warning about the flashing lights at the start of the film.

Warning aside, there’s a lot of exception around this super hero flick, and Junior had to find out if it lived up to the hype.

So here’s five things you should know before you go to see the Incredibles 2.

1) It’s probably best if you watch the first Incredibles movie beforehand, but it’s not a must.

Continuity is always good when it comes to films, and with The Incredibles 2, it’ll help explain the context of the Superheroes and the world they live in.

It’ll explain character powers, why The Incredibles live where they do, and without giving too much away, why they have to get back into superheroes duties.

I’m a huge Incredibles fan and could probably act out the original movie word-for-word, but I found I had to keep reminding myself of what happened in the last movie to answer the kid’s loud mid-movie questions.

Watching the first movie beforehand will limit some confusion in the cinema, and if all else fails, feel free to do what I do and just say: “I think they’re about to explain that now, look”.

2) There are some scary parts for younger children

It won’t shock you to know that the main baddy, the Screenslaver, has a spooky voice and wears a mask, which some toddlers or preschools may find a little scary.


Early on in the film it gets loud, there are explosions and it’s faced paced, not to mention a few ‘darkly lit’ scenes. You may find you’re giving a few reassuring cuddles to little ones. There shouldn’t be any screams or tears, it’s really not that bad, thankfully these scary parts aren’t too long and are quite mild.

Saying that, there is one jump scare in the movie, which surrounds the plot twist. It adds to the drama of the flick, but even I jumped. Something to think about for under 5s.

3) They have toned down the drama in the film 

The first Incredibles movie, while so much fun, dealt with some pretty serious issues in a very clever way. Strained family relationships, the stress of working a job you hate to support your family and living an existence that is a lie to fit into society. Yes, it was that deep, but despite the heavy themes the original Incredibles dealt with them excellently.

The new movie does have a pretty serious message conveyed through the villain, but it’s nowhere near as adult or existentialist. The main message I’d say in this film is that do-Gooders aren’t good for everyone and people should rely less on power and more on providing for themselves.

There are of course still the antics of a brooding teenager and dad thinking he can do a better job being a housewife cliche, but they are secondary and more fillers than character and plot development. Saying that, the writers have done a good job at conveying adult themes without making it too taxing on the kids, which is always a bonus for a children’s cartoon.


4) And made the Incredibles 2 much sillier than the original 

There’s so much more slapstick in this one. Be prepared to laugh at some really silly situations surrounding the youngest Incredible, Jack Jack Parr.

Let’s face it, being a super powered baby can lead to a multitude of silly situations. If, like me, you remember the ridiculous 1994 comedy film Baby’s Day Out, you’ll have an idea of the levels of silly this flick goes with the heroic baby. But unlike that film, this movie is actually funny!

The kids are sure to love everything about this toddler at the end of the movie.

5) There are some serious ‘girl power’ moments

I love that fact that The Incredibles 2 has come full circle with the male vs female superheroes theme that was alluded to in the original movie.

For those who have seen the first Incredibles you’ll remember Elastagirl’s interview where she says she won’t hang up her superhero uniform or leave the saving of the world to the men!  But one of the ironies explored in the film is that she does just that in order to raise a family.

While Mr Incredible, a middle-aged washed up hero, can’t leave the world-saving behind, Elastagirl is happy to remain a hidden housewife for the sake of peace.

The Incredibles 2 however, shines the light on Mrs Incredible, she becomes the go-to hero as she is less risk, in terms of damage limitation and usurps her brain, not her brawn to save the day.

There are also a whole host of other powerful women characters in this movie, including daughter Violet, wants her own piece of the action.


Suffice it to say The Incredibles 2 has given us what we all wanted, more action, more comedy and another engaging move the whole family can enjoy. It’s though to follow up a huge hit move, but Disney have done it again.

The Incredibles 2 is out nationwide in cinemas now