5 great reasons to see Monster Family

Find out why Monster Family is a lovely animated family film, you can watch at the flicks or at home!


Those clever folks at Sky Cinema have ventured into making their own movies, and Monster Family is the perfect, Brit-voiced, animated kids film to kick off their new collection of Original movies. Based on David Safier’s best-selling novel, Monster Family follows the very much unhappy Wishbone clan, Frank, Emma and their kids Max and Fay – under pressure and constantly at each other’s throats.


When they are cursed by an evil witch and transformed into their own monstrous party costumes, they must pull together to battle real-life beasts; reverse the curse; and prove that even a vampire, a mummy, a werewolf, and Frankenstein’s monster can eventually form one big happy family.


5 reasons to check out Monster Family

1) Emily Watson plays a harassed mum who turns into vampire

Emily voices the hard-pressed mum Emma Wishbone, who we can all sympathise with: a surly teenager, an over-worked husband, and a pigeon poops in her coffee. So, trying to unite her family by dressing up as a bunch of monsters for a fancy dress party (you see where this is going?), Emma is turned into a vampire. Luckily for her, life gets a little more exciting when Dracula (voiced by Jason Isaacs) tries to seduce her.

2) Catherine Tate steals the show

Tate plays the hairy chinned witch, Baba Yaga (whose comic timing is always perfection), who also happens to curse the Wishbone family into a bunch of, you guessed it, monsters. Tate’s witch made us genuinely LOL a few times too.

3) The three bats!

You’ll know exactly what were talking about when you see the movie, but Dracula’s minions in the shape of three comedy bats are adorable, even when one eats the other ones ear wax!

4) Watch it in the comfort of your own home OR at the cinema!

If you’re having a duvet day with your little one and you just can’t handle watching Frozen for the 100th time, no need to schlep to the cinema, as you can watch this brand new movie from the comfort of your living room, on Sky Cinema. Alternatively, send your partner to to the cinema with the kids, while you treat yourself to a gin and one of these more grown-up movie classics!

5) 95 minutes of gentle friendly monster fun


At just 95 minutes long, even younger children will manage to sit still, and enjoy the monster antics; and considering it’s a film about monsters, they’re not remotely scary, so rest easy your offspring won’t be watching the movie from between their fingers.


Monster Family is available on Sky Cinema or nationwide in cinemas now