10 of the most fascinating Smurf facts

They’re bijou, blue and quite interesting too! Here's some things you may not know...

Published: July 18, 2011 at 9:00 am

Somewhat lacking in stature, the Smurfs can only reach a maximum height the equivalent of three crab apples.


Smurfs creator, Pierre Culliford (known as Peyo) decided to become an illustrator after he missed out on an interview to become a dental assistant by 15 minutes.


In the Eighties it was possible to enjoy the Smurfs at every mealtime with two breakfast cereals and Smurf pasta on the supermarket shelves.


The Smurf Song, released in 1978 by Father Abraham And The Smurfs topped the charts in over 16 countries.


Not shy of political controversy; The Smurfs have been accused of living in a totalitarian utopia steeped in Stalinism, Communism, Marxism and Socialism.


Over 300 million Smurf figurines have been sold worldwide by German toy manufacturer Schleich.


A 2005 UNICEF advertisement showing the destruction of the Smurf village by warplanes was only shown post-watershed to avoid causing upset to young fans.


Evidence suggests that all of the male Smurfs are totally bald, which may explain why they are so rarely seen without their hats.


In Smurf language the word Smurf has limitless meanings and can be used as a both a verb and a noun rendering their conversations practically incomprehensible to non Smurf-speakers.


When Peyo, first came up with the name Schtroumpfs (the original name of The Smurfs) He spent an entire weekend talking in Schtroumpf language with a friend.


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