Best Innovative Product Design (Toddler/Child) | Junior Design Awards 2019

These are the items we all wish we had thought of. Clever, practical and gorgeous too...

| Junior Design Awards 2019
Published: September 25, 2019 at 12:00 pm

Best Innovative Product Design (Toddler/Child) | Junior Design Awards 2019



WHO: The Time Tokens - Magnetic Storage Box Set

WHAT: A fun and easy token system to help families manage screen time more positively. Parents and children work together on setting time limits and then children are allocated TimeTokens Cards to that value to use how and when they want, cutting down on arguments, developing a sense of independence and building trust between parents and children.

WHY: In a world where children are more and more devoted to their screens and parents and experts are increasingly worried about the associated negative effects, Time Tokens provides a way of removing the tension when setting time boundaries and actually turns the idea of restricting screen time on its head by giving kids a sense of control and framing it in a positive way. Our judges were delighted to see that help is at hand to navigate this relatively new and daunting territory of screen time management and made the following comments:

Really good idea in our world of screen time.
Amanda Meachem, founder of children’s model agency Grace and Galor
Finally, something that helps parents out with screen time management
Elle Strauss, celebrity stylist and fashion editor based in LA
Much needed tool for straddling screen time with real time for kids. Great idea
Yvadney Davis, children’s fashion stylist and founder of Mums that Slay

Best Innovative Product Design (Toddler/Child) | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Toddlekind Prettier Playmats

WHAT: Super stylish playmats that provide a safe playing area without filling your home with eye-jarring colours and shapes. These non toxic, extra thick, soft, odorless floor tiles can be assembled to fit any size space meaning your baby can play safely without you having to compromise on design.

WHY: These really are the prettiest play mats and our judges loved the simple graphic lines, contemporary patterns and soft muted colours based on classic rug designs. The extra thick cushioning to stop wobbly walkers from bruising themselves on the floor was also key to this brand’s high score. Members of the panel wrote in their comments:

At first glance these look like expensive rugs or super cool floor coverings from a high end interior design shop. Perfect for toddlers and design snobs alike!
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
These are absolutely gorgeous and a world away from the multi-coloured alphabet floor tiles I bought for my children. Would look beautiful in a playroom or any room of the house for that matter.
Ellie Crompton, Contributing Editor, Junior

WHERE: Toddlekind

Best Innovative Product Design (Toddler/Child) | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Moonlite Starter Pack

WHAT: A clever clip on device that turns your mobile phone into a storybook projector. Using your device’s flashlight, Moonlite will project vivid illustrations and words from a selection of story reels onto any surface. Story telling can be complemented further with the Moonlite app that plays exciting sound effects.

WHY: Our judges loved this fusion of old fashioned light projector with modern technology to make story time an even more exciting event. Compact and portable, this set that includes several classic reads, means you can keep a huge selection of book reels in your handbag while travelling but can rest easy that your children won’t be glued to a screen for their entertainment. The cute clip on projector and story reels were hugely popular and elicited the following comments:

Love this product as story time to me is one of those precious times of the day.
. Amanda Meachem founder of children’s model agency Grace and Galor
This is such a fantastic invention and will make story time extra magical - especially on holidays or while camping.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior

WHERE: Moonlite


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