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Best Eco Product Design | Junior Design Awards 2020

Here we can finally reveal the best Eco designed products from the 2020 Junior Awards

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Published: November 17, 2020 at 9:00 am


WHO: Wear 'em Out Reusable Period Pads


WHAT: Reusable period pads made with high absorbency fabrics and designed to ensure comfort and confidence to the wearer.

WHY: These sustainable, washable, reusable sanitary towel alternatives were a huge talking point amongst our judges who all agreed that this was a much needed and incredibly necessary product for the wellbeing of women, and most importantly the planet. The quantity of plastic backed and often silicone filled sanitary towels that are chucked away each year is staggering – but with around 3000 customers, this company has already saved over 2 million disposable pads from going into landfill. Amazing! The product seemed soft, comfortable and easy to use with a clever popper system that fastens the pads to your pants like wings and also enables you to store the pads folded. As some of our judges commented, this is a game-changing product.

Brilliant product, simple, strong design and does exactly what it’s meant to - and brilliant for the environment. Excellent product.
Jools Oliver, Childrenswear Designer and Author @joolsoliver
These are genuinely life-changing pads and I'm proud to recommend them to all of my friends... and anyone who will listen to be quite frank. Completely game-changing and much needed product that will change the future of sanitary products. Here's to the small businesses making massive changes.
Gemma Metcalfe, founder of Mutha. Hood @mutha.hood

WHERE: Wear 'em Out



WHO: Bambino Mio - Miosolo all-in-one nappy

WHAT: An all-in-one reusable nappy designed to grow from baby to toddler. The size of the nappy can be changed using the adjustable poppers and hook and loop fastenings to suit the shape of your little one. Concealed super absorbent core and stay-dry inner layer keeps moisture away from baby's delicate skin, leaving it cool and dry. Super stay soft fabric provides the most comfortable nappy for baby's bottom and stretchy water-resistant outer fabric is perfect for active babies.

WHY: With reusable nappies becoming more and more popular as a sustainable alternative to disposables, our judges were really excited to see what this brand had to offer and they weren’t disappointed. The simple, easy to use design, featuring hook and loop fastenings and adjustable poppers for ease of use and the added longevity of this nappy, which is designed to grow from baby to toddler impressed the panel greatly. Other details such as a choice of cute and stylish waterproof outer layers and a highly absorbent concealed core were also noted. The potential to save hundreds of pounds by eliminating the endless disposable nappy bills also resonated with the panel. That the UK alone throws away nearly three billion disposable nappies a year, 90% of which will go through household waste streams and end up in landfill where they take up to 500 YEARS to decompose is something that everyone needs to take notice of.

Absolutely game changing and I love how incredibly fun the designs are.
Gemma Metcalfe, founder of Mutha. Hood @mutha.hood
Such fun and bright prints, that make reusable nappies easy to use AND stylish.
Yvadney Davis, Children’s Stylist @yvadney

WHERE: Bambino Mio



WHO: LOMIE - Scarf Bib + Woggle

WHAT: A range of soft muslin Scarf Bibs, with a unique removable leather woggle fastener.

WHY: Our judges really loved these gorgeous scarf bibs made from the softest muslin in a range of on-trend colours and joyful prints. The 100% cotton double gauze muslin is extremely absorbent, making these perfect for dribbly babies who don’t want to get rashes or drool soaked clothes. The fabric used is 100% biodegradable and compostable while the woggle fasteners are made of repurposed leather making this a completely plastic free and sustainably made product. As well as being environmentally low impact, our judges really loved the contemporary design of these scarves from the prints to the very original and stylish brand logo.

A well-designed circular product that I wish was around when my two were in their drooling days.
Fatima Truscott, Fashion Stylist and writer, @the_ft_times
Absolutely wonderful product that I would have loved when my babes were small.
Gemma Metcalfe, founder of Mutha. Hood @mutha.hood

WHERE: Lomie Baby


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