Best Crib/Pod Design | Junior Design Awards 2019

That all important first sleeping place for your new bundle of joy. These cribs, pods and nests got our votes and will get yours too!

| Junior Design Awards 2019

Best Crib/Pod Design | Junior Design Awards 2019

WHO: Sleepyhead Deluxe+


WHAT: A highly portable multi-functional sleeping pod. Perfectly shaped to cocoon and gently support babies from birth, this is the next best thing to being held. Designed as an alternative to moses baskets and travel cots, it can be used in any room of the house, as a co-sleeping aid, as a changing station, a travel companion, for tummy time and more.

WHY: Lots of our judges were already familiar with this product and many of them considered it to be an absolute baby essential. This compact pod that comes with a myriad of stylish cover options is great for keeping babies feeling calm and snug and for anyone who finds it hard to put their baby down without them crying, the Sleepyhead Deluxe+ is often the answer. The Sleepyhead is also credited with not only providing a safe space for babies to relax while parents get on with essential tasks but also for helping them to sleep for longer. No wonder our judges were so full of praise…

I recommend this product to everyone! It keeps them feeling safe and was a lifesaver with my little one. You can get it in your case when travelling so they feel happy wherever they are.
Amanda Meachem, Founder of Grace & Galor Models
One of my favourite baby products.
Reena Simon, interiors blogger and founder of Hygge for Home
I don’t know what I would have done without my Sleepyhead, it was the only place my baby would sleep apart from on me or in my arms.
Ellie Crompton, Junior Contributing Editor

WHERE: Sleepyhead

Best Crib/Pod Design | Junior Design Awards 2019

WHO: SnüzPod 3 Bedside Crib

WHAT: A bedside crib that attaches to your bed leaving no barrier between you and your baby. Featuring a zippable side panel made from dual-view breathable mesh, a reflux incline, a light weight, lift-off bassinet for use around the home and a curved frame design made from quality beech wood, available in an array of colours.

WHY: This crib has been designed with every need of a newborn and parent in mind. Our judges loved the storage area underneath, the increased air-flow thanks to the all mesh sides and the fact that this crib is substantially bigger than previous models meaning your baby can stay in it for longer. The soft rocking base was also a big plus as well as the option to incline the crib to ease reflux and congestion by a slight adjustment of the base. Our judges said:

This is such a fantastic crib. It is really functional with lots of thoughtful detail and at the same time really lovely to look at fitting in seamlessly to any bedroom.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
To be able to reach across to reassure your baby in the night or scoop them up without having to get out of bed is a must for so many parents and this crib is the perfect solution. I love the fact that the main frame is made out of solid wood.
Ellie Crompton, Contributing Editor at Junior




WHO: The Shnuggle Air Bedside crib to cot

WHAT: A Bedside Crib that attaches to your bed so that you can stay in close contact with your baby through the night without having to share a bed. Designed to grow with baby, this crib converts into a stylish cot extending the life of the crib for years.

WHY: The carefully thought out details make this bedside crib a great option for parents who want to stay in close contact with their baby throughout the night. With seven height options, it will fit alongside any adult bed and its dual view, mesh sides help to maximise airflow as well as allowing parents to keep a watchful eye on baby. Our judges were also impressed by the uniquely designed airflow mattress which has a hypo-allergenic fibre core helping to reduce the risk of baby overheating. Our judges said:

This cot has a lovely contemporary feel and thoughtful touches like the storage hammock and the reflux incline make it a great option for parents who want to stay close to their baby at night. Fantastic that it can then be converted into a full size cot!
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
A must have for those early days and months.
Yvadney Davis, children’s stylist and founder of Mums that Slay

WHERE: Shnuggle