Best Children's Party Brand | Junior Design Awards 2019

Don't throw a birthday party for your little ones before checking out these award-winning brands that make party planning, prep and execution a doddle...

| Junior Design Awards 2019
Published: September 25, 2019 at 12:00 pm

Best Children's Party Brand | Junior Design Awards 2019



WHO: Cotton Twist - Party Range

WHAT: A playful selection of bright & colourful craft party bag fillers, personalised keepsake tins, cake toppers & invitations all with an emphasis on sustainability and make-believe.

WHY: Cotton Twist is the official antidote to party bags chock full of landfill. Our judges loved this selection of fun craft activity packs and simple, time old party gifts given an extra splash of imagination. Lots of praise was also given to the beautifully designed invitations, party toppers and craft kits that would give any party a magical finishing touch and leave a fantastic impression on the guests without adding to the plastic mountain. Our judges also felt this range was fantastic value for money and they loved the incredible attention to presentation.

Emma Paton, fashion blogger and founder of Finlay Fox
This company are always evolving and coming up with new and exciting party items. I also love the fact that they’re constantly looking for ways to be more sustainable and earth friendly. That they’ve just replaced their glitter glue with an eco version speaks volumes. A Junior favourite.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Such a refreshing idea
Yvadney Davis, children’s fashion stylist and founder of Mums That Slay

WHERE: Cotton Twist

Best Children's Party Brand | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Craft & Crumb

WHAT: Ready made, beautifully designed party bags containing a recipe and all the ingredients for kids to make their own sweet treats at home. Each cardboard tote box is personalised with the recipient’s name and were created to take the plastic and the stress out of making up party bags.

WHY: These extremely pleasing looking boxes (we love the fact that they stack so neatly!) really appealed to our judges who were excited by the idea of zero fuss, ready made party bags that would give children another activity at home rather than adding to the piles of plastic detritus that most kids accumulate in a matter of months. Recipes like marshmallow goo popcorn and unicorn cupcakes will have mini bakers zooming into the kitchen. Our judges said:

Fantastic party bag idea have saved their name for my daughters next party!
Amanda Meachem, founder of Grace & Galor Children's Model Agency
Love this!!!
Portia Freeman, model and founder of the blog platforms and pushchairs

WHERE: Craft & Crumb

Best Children's Party Brand | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Bowbeaus Party Animals

WHAT: Magical Party accessories and animal cake toppers with a charming, whimsical feel, which have been designed as keepsakes to last long after the party has finished.

WHY: These stunning creations had our judges in raptures. Who wouldn’t want a cluster of adorable bunny rabbits in party hats and tiaras on their birthday cake or an elephant carrying a glitter dipped helium balloon? These skillfully adapted miniature animal models are so quirky and utterly delightful they would lend a touch of magic to any party and any shelf in the home. The judges’ notes read:

I'm a massive fan of Bowbeaus work and it really has got to the stage where I feel that no cake is complete without one of these fantastical toppers!
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
There is something so uplifting and special about these pieces that make you want to grin the biggest grin. I would have one of these on the mantelpiece at home!
Ellie Crompton, Contributing Editor, Junior

WHERE: Bowbeaus

Best Children's Party Brand | Junior Design Awards 2019


WHO: Captain Fantastic

WHAT: A premier children’s entertainment company who create exciting parties with an emphasis on entertaining, engaging and educating kids. Catering for children from 1-11 years old, they also host termly holiday camps, afterschool clubs, and corporate events.

WHY: Our judges loved the amazing sense of enthusiasm and excitement emanating from this company and their commitment to creating happy, lasting family memories through entertainment and education. The sheer breadth of parties available from Science Parties to street dance parties impressed everyone. Our judges said:

This really is the company who know everything there is to know about keeping children entertained and excited on their big day. If you want to make sure everything is streamlined, stress free and most importantly excellent fun then Captain Fantastic should be on your speed dial.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Wow these look quite fantastical!
Yvadney Davis, children’s fashion stylist and founder of Mums That Slay

WHERE: Captain Fantastic


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